D12100X Tool Reviews by Trade

Diablo Ultimate Flawless Finish Blades

If Diablo keeps adding descriptive adjectives to its product names, they’re soon going to run out of space in their product literature. What’s next—Ultimate Flawless Perfect Robust Sensational Finish Blades? In any case, the products we’ve used so far from the company have been very impressive. (Check out last month’s issue when we did a comparison of 10 different 12″ finish blades.) The new Ultimate Flawless Finish saw blades use an Axial Shear Face Grind (ASFG) in an ultra thin kerf format, so portable job site saws are going to really benefit. Freud says the new blades are really geared towards those cutting fine molding, veneered plywood, melamine and other delicate materials.

Price: $60 D1090X (10″), $70 D12100X (12″).

D12100X 500x500 Diablo Ultimate Flawless Finish Blades

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