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9 Comments on Are Impact Rated Bits Worth the Money?

  1. Great stuff here. I like the calculation of ‘bit cost per screw installed.’

    The “impact rated” bits seem to be at least partially intended to reduce breakage, not just longer tip life. Did you experience much breakage when testing?

    • Exactly. We primarily performed tests that would incur cam-out. Many impact-rated bits are being designed to withstand breaking when performing metal self-tapping applications or similar. The trouble is, that’s not being communicated well, and most people are simply grabbing for impact-rated bits to match their impact driver—which isn’t likely to do much good on standard fastening applications.

      We really need to do a series of follow-up testing that focuses on breakage and proper application and use of an impact-rated bit.

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    • James

      I am specifically looking for the 1″ insert bits if you have any suggestions of where to buy. I have a normal driving drill (14.4v Dewalt) few years old, looking to buy an impact in the future….. but I am sick and tired of going through drill bits. At Home Depot today, I bought the Milwaukee Shockwave Set ($20 or so) put it one bit, drilled MAYBE 30 screws (1.5″) through ply wood (thick) as sub floor, the bit was completely shot. Returned the set right away. I know in this test the Bosch Ribbed tip and Kobalt Speed fit both scored your highest, will by both to try myself, but have you tried any other brands not tested here (snap-on etc.) that you would recommend? thanks in advance, James

  3. Elvis

    The photos above appear to have swapped the Dewalt bits.
    The Dewalt DW2022CR (not impact-rated) bits look like this:

    The impact rated Dewalt DW2022IR bits look like this:

    I just bought several packs of the DW2022IR6 from Lowes (on clearance for about $1 per pack) and they all look like the photos on Amazon. Lowes apparently had the DW2022IR bits on clearance because Dewalt is replacing these older style bits with the newer bits with the reduced diameter shank sections that absorb some of the shock, and also work Dewalt’s new Magnetic Screwlock System screw holders.

    Home Depot also carries Dewalt bits, but AFAIK only the non-impact-rated older-style bits, and these all look like the ones in the photos on Lowes.com

  4. Eric

    Much needed review, thanks! :-)

    But why in the world … when you do the “Bit by Bit” section, all the pics are of a single bit except for the “Bosch P2 Ribbed Tip” … I don’t know what I’m looking at. Are they both ribbed tip? Are they different? Which is which? I have no idea.

  5. Ken L

    Favorite bits have been Grabber and Apex, hard to find though.
    Vermont American ice bit always drove screws nice but would break when over stressed like the Kolbat bit shown, now not readily available now for some reason.

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