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RoboReel: Robots in Your Garage

I have always liked the idea of a “smart” extension cord reel. I don’t want it to talk to me, but it should at least be able to retract without being helped. That’s the RoboReel in a nutshell. It features a microprocessor that lets you program a “docking point” where the cord will automatically slow-down during retraction. This prevents that whipping-action you get with simple spring-loaded reels. Also, if the cord is stepped on or obstructed, RoboReel (see, we’re calling it by name now—it’s only a matter of time before it becomes sentient and takes over the world) will stop retracting, and if the cable is ever accidentally severed, the unit shuts off the power in less than a second. It’s not cheap, but it is cool. If you are a Portal player, it may give you nightmares though.

Price: $299 Ceiling Mount, $279 Portable.

ceiling cord reel 318x500 RoboReel: Robots in Your Garage

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