March 2, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Makita Backpack Battery BL36120A

Makita Backpack Battery Extends Capacity… In Europe

Unbeknownst to us until recently, Makita UK has released a 12Ah, 36V battery backpack to work in conjunction with the range of Makita twin 18V cordless tools. With an 18V X2 wiring harness, it’s the same as four 6.0 amp hour 18V batteries – a total of 432 watt hours. The new Makita backpack battery offers […]

Klein 8-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver

Klein 8-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver

Klein Tools recently introduced a new tool to their line of Slide Drivers. Similar to the 2-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver, the Klein 8-in-1 Hex Head Slide Driver features a patented sliding, magnetic tip that transitions between 1/4″ to 5/16″ hex sizes. It also includes six other bits and nut drivers that make it an […]

Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender

The Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000

Continuing on with their line of conduit benders, the Southwire Bendmax Compact Power Bender BML2000 adds another option to an already robust collection of benders. Currently shipping from the Southwire facility in Carrollton, GA, the Bendmax BML 2000 is available now from Southwire retailers. For those of you familiar with Southwire’s power benders, the BML2000 offers […]

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip

Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter

Greenlee Textron recently released an automated solution for cutting AC (BX), MC Cable and FMC. The Greenlee C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter is the first fully automated notching and cutting machine that allows the user a push-button setup, as well as the freedom to walk away. Greenlee believes that their new product will increase worker […]

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Ratchet

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Ratchet Series Coming Soon!

Milwaukee Tool has just announced a new tool for the M12 lineup due out in October. The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Ratchet aims to replace pneumatic ratchets in the auto, assembly, maintenance, electrical, and plumbing industries. The M12 Fuel Ratchet will be the first cordless ratchet on the market that features a brushless motor. Milwaukee claims […]

Klein Digital Light Meter

Klein Digital Light Meter ET130

Klein Tools introduces the Klein ET130 Digital Light Meter, a simple-to-use precision light meter that can be operated using one hand. Targeting consultants, inspectors, facility & maintenance workers, and DIYers, this meter uses a photodiode sensor and spectral response filter to ensure that light levels in offices, homes, and schools comply with OSHA standards. The […]


BeastBarrow Brings Innovation to Wheelbarrows

Are you tired of pulling your back out just by lifting a particularly heavy load with your wheelbarrow? Or, have you ever mixed up a batch of concrete, only to fight against spilling it every time you wheel your barrow over rough terrain? Is your janky, old wheelbarrow constantly threatening to dump your valuable tools […]

Hitachi A5 Series Framing Nailer

Hitachi A5 Series Framing Nailer Receive Upgrades

Hitachi Power Tools recently announced their new line of pneumatic framing nailers. The improved Hitachi A5 Series Framing Nailer models come in a variety of options, which include a 21° Plastic Strip Nailer, a 21° Plastic Strip Nailer without Depth Adjustment, a 30° Paper Strip Nailer and a 16° Coil Nailer. Hitachi modeled the new A5 […]