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2014 PTR Holiday Tool Gift Guide – Over $100

For the second part of the 2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide, we look at products over $100. We get away from the hand tools and into the major power tools. We’re now beyond what most professionals can actually carry in a tool box and start to look items that are more specialized, but are worth every penny to the people that use them on a daily basis. You’ll find storage solutions for tools and technology, high end safety gear and work wear, cordless and corded power tools, and outdoor power equipment.


2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide: $100 – $250


Klein Tradesman Pro Organizer Tech Backpack2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Electricians and utility professionals

Why? Backpacks really hit it big this year. They’re fantastic for carrying hand tools and some smaller power tools. This makes them particularly attractive gifts for electricians and utility workers. The Klein Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack is even better for the professional that needs to travel with a tablet or laptop thanks to the protective tech storage area. There are a total of 25 pockets to hold tools and the interior is orange to help locate tools easier.

Where? The Home Depot (online only)

How much? $109.37

 Kershaw Blur

Who? Everyone1670olblk_profile_1020x400

Why? The Kershaw Blur is one of the most popular models available from the company. It features a spring assisted opening and aluminum construction for lightweight design. Available in several colors, I’m a fan of the Olive Drab. The blade design is a great for general purpose uses. If you’re looking to get your favorite tool enthusiast a knife on the higher end of the scale, the Kershaw Blur is one of the best EDC’s in their lineup.

Where? Kershaw

How much? $109.99


LED Lenser P5R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight

Who? Everyone2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Why? Sooner or later, you’re going to need a flashlight on the jobsite whether you’re there at 5:00 am, it’s getting dark at 6:00 pm, or you’re just working in a dark space. The LED Lenser p5R.2 is a perfect option that fits easily in a pocket of top storage area of tool box. Its small size can be deceiving though. It puts out 270 lumens for up to 4 hours. Since the system is rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about having extra batteries handy. The P5R.2 can be plugged into any USB port meaning that you can recharge with your computer and many jobsite radios or you can use the Floating Magnetic Charging System.

Where? LED Lenser

How much? $110.00


DeWalt DWE575SB Lightweight 7-1/4″ Circular Saw with Electric Brake2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? General contractors, framers, remodellers

Why? Circular saws are the workhorse of the residential construction industry. When it comes to having the power to cut through 2x material with the ability to be extremely portable, pros turn time and again to circular saws. This corded model from DeWalt features a 15 amp motor, 7-1/4″ (standard) balde capacity, electric brake, and is only 8.8 pounds. That’s pretty light in the circular saw world.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $119.00

The JackClamp System

Who? Cabinet installers, furniture builders, general contractor, remodellers2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Why? Most pros will need clamps at some point, and bar clamps are among the most popular do to their flexibility. The JackClamp System allows the clamp to be reversed as a spreader or even used as a hoist. It’s got a 300 pound capacity that cabinet installers are really crazy about. By using them in the spreader position with the feet attached, you can hold a cabinet in position hands free, making installation a plausible one man job. While pros are generally cautious of products that sounds too good to be true, this one actually delivers. You can get separate pieces, but we’d heartily recommend the two clamp system with accessories to maximize the usefulness.

Where? JackClamp

How much? $119.99


Ridgid X4 18V Cordless Jobsite Radio2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Everyone

Why? We are a culture that is in tune with out tunes. Almost every manufacturer has their own radio out now with all kinds of features. Why did we choose this one over all the rest? When we put the best of the best head to head, the Ridgid X4 had the best sound quality of all of them. After all, sound is why you want a radio, right? The X4 runs off of Ridgid’s 18V batteries or from an outlet using the attached cord. You’ve got an auxiliary port to pull music from a device or to attach a Bluetooth adapter to. There is also a USB charging port to keep your phone or other electronics charged.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $149.00


LED Lenser M7R Rechargeable Flashlight

Who? Everyone2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Why? The M7R is another outstanding rechargeable flashlight from LED Lenser. This one is a full size model, so it’s not one you’ll want to tote around in your pocket as much. This light delivers 400 lumens on high for up to 4 hours. Like the P5R.2, it features USB charging and LED Lenser’s Floating Magnetic Charge System. It also has LED Lenser’s Advanced Smart Light Technology, and Advanced Focus System.

Where? LED Lenser

How much? $160.00

 Wolverine Men’s Roscoe DuraShocks Composite Toe Wellington Work Boot

Who? Pros that prefer a Wellington style boot2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Why? There are a lot of jobsites that you can get away with Wellington style work boot. The slip in and out function makes them attractive to a lot of guys. In addition, the Western style makes the Roscoe boot a great work boot for the Cowboy that needs a composite toe, additional grip, and extra support for the work day. Heads up though, these run about a 1/2 size large compared to what I normally wear. The DuraShocks technology is outstandingly comfortable… you really need to try on a pair to experience it!

Where? Wolverine

How much? $190.00


Ridgid X4 18V Hyper-Lithium Drill, Impact Driver, and Radio Kit2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Everyone

Why? Most every pro is going to have a drill/impact driver kit. The 18 volt platform is going to deliver more power for heavy duty tasks, but isn’t as compact as the 12 volt systems. The X4 Hyper-Lithium Combo kit also includes a pair of 1.5 amp hour compact batteries, charger, and radio. The radio will run off of one of the batteries or can be plugged in and it includes an auxiliary port to stream music from your favorite device. Like the other Ridgid tools in the Holiday Tool Buying Guide, this is covered by Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement. This kit is also part of Home Depot’s $50-$100-$150 promotion.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $199.00


Milwaukee M12 Women’s Heated Jacket2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Women

Why? Because when Milwaukee came out with their first heated jackets, every single one of us lost it to our Lady! All joking aside, using the M12 battery to power heating to the core of the user was genius. Including a USB charger to draw off of it made it even better. The women’s jacket is styled to match the form of a lady, which happens to be much different than us guys, just in case you haven’t noticed. In addition to the powered heating during the cold months, she’ll also appreciate the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon embroidered on the sleeve.

Where? The Home Depot (online only)

How much? $199.00


Porter-Cable 20V Max 4 Tool Lithium-Ion Kit2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Remodellers, DIYers, occasional use general contractrors

Why? Porter-Cable has a great reputation among professionals that need performance without the high end price. This kit includes a cordless drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and work light. You’ll get a standard battery and max pack battery along with a charger, soft bag, circular saw blade, and recip saw blade. The price point puts this in range of the tradesman along with the homeowner. I got my hands on one of these kits for my step-dad in celebration of Father’s Day and he absolutely loves it. This is a good mid-range kit for users that need these kind of tools occasionally.

Where? Lowe’s

How much? $199.00


2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide: $250+


Senco 7W0005N Drywall Screw Gun and Cutout Tool Combo Kit2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Drywall professionals 

Why? Senco’s Duraspin products are a favorite among installers that use a lot of screws. The collated clips allow for quick installations over power tools that require the user to hold the tool and the screw in the other. This kit is designed for drywall pros and includes the 18V Cordless Drywall Screw Gun, 18V Cordless Drywall Cutout Tool, a pair of batteries, and charger.  This Drywall Promo Kit is only around while supplies last and is an outstanding value.

Where? Amazon

How much? $259.99


Milwaukee M12 3 in 1 Heated Jacket2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Gift Guide

Who? Everyone

Why? This is now the top of the line in heated jackets. Milwaukee’s M12 3 in 1 is made up of a heated core vest, outer Realtree camo jacket, and removable Realtree camo hood. The outer shell is wind and rain resistant. It also features a noise reducing design for those that like to stalk their favorite prey when the job is done. The battery holster features a USB port that allows you to charge your electronics from the same battery. Additionally, you can purchase a holster to use the M18 RedLithium batteries for even more heating time. As it is, you’ll get about 6 hours from the M12 RedLithium battery included in the kit.

Where? The Home Depot (online only)

How much? $299


EGO Power Plus 56V Chainsaw2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Buying Guide

Who? Homeowners

Why? EGO’s 56V Chainsaw delivers the power of gas chainsaws without the hassle. No gas to mix, no carburetor to clog, to winterizing to do, no fumes, less noise. The 56V platform offers more power than the 40V systems out there. While this system is targeted towards the homeowner, many land managers that need chainsaws for occasional use greatly prefer this over gas options. The EGO Power Plus 56V chainsaw was by far our our most popular giveaway item this year. Unless you’re already invested in the 56V system, but sure to get the kit with the battery and charger.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $299


Ryobi One+ 18V Airstike Ultimate Combo Kit2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Buying Guide

Who? General Contractors, remodelers, carpenters

Why? The Ryobi One+ 18V Airstrike nailers changed the game when it comes to cordless nailers. Previously, you needed to be attached to a compressor or use a gas cartridge system. Now, all you need is a charged Ryobi One+ 18V battery. This Airstrike Ultimate Combo Kit includes all three Airstrike nailers; the 18 gauge Brad nailer, 18 gauge narrow crown stapler, and 16 gauge straight finish nailer. You’ll also get a compact 18V battery and charger. For those professionals that don’t want to drag around a hose and compressor, the Airstrike Ultimate Combo is going to make their entire Christmas.

Where? The Home Depot (online only)

How much? $399


EGO Power Plus 56V Lithium-Ion Lawnmower2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Buying Guide

Who? Homeowners

Why? This was the year the lithium-ion lawnmowers really proved themselves, and EGO is king of the mountain. Most other mower run 40V batteries while EGO uses 56V. Even thought the price puts it up there with high end gas options, you’ll love the convenience of battery power. There’s much less noise, no carburetor to clog, and no gas to mix. You simply go without having to curse over a pull start. Before you ask, yes, it’s got the power to actually cut the grass and will match up gas mowers on power. You’ll get about 45 minutes of run time out of the EGO Mower, which makes this a great option for yards that are 1/4 acre or less.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $499


Ridgid X4 18V Hyper-Lithium 5 Tool Kit2014 Pro Tool Reviews Holiday Tool Buying Guide

Who? General Contractors, Remodelers,

Why? This is the kit to get your hands on when you want to upgrade from mid-range to professional level. The Ridgid X4 18V Hyper-Lithium kit includes an impact driver, hammer drill, 6-1/2″ circular saw, reciprocating saw, and work light. A pair of extended capacity batteries and a charger come with the kit. Accessories include a wood cutting recip saw blade, framing circular saw blade, and #2 Phillips bit. There are other pro level kits out there to choose from, so why the X4? Free batteries, free parts, and free service for life. All you have to do is register the tool set. This kit is another that is part of Home Depot’s $50-$100-$150 promotion.

Where? The Home Depot

How much? $499


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