October 18, 2021

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2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

2016 Tool Innovation Awards

This year the Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges had their work cut out for them. 2016 has seen tons of tool innovation and advancements. We’ve seen products introduced that we never would have thought possible just a  few short years ago. When our judges selected the winners for the 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards we didn’t realize just how difficult some of those choices would be. When you’ve got this many entries into the 2016 tool innovation awards, you’re going to see some really solid new products.

This annual throw-down between manufacturers and brands seems to stir up the best competition you could hope for. Manufacturers are really pushing innovation. That leads to tools that reform better have better ergonomics, and which present a real value to the Pro contractor or tradesman. The user experience is benefiting from quieter tools, less vibration, and better efficiencies.

Check Out the 2016 Winners!

2016 Tool Innovation Awards Recognition

Some of the biggest companies are pushing the envelop on performance. Meanwhile, value brands are packing more features and capabilities into their everyday tool lines. As Smart Tools continue to bring innovation to the marketplace, we’re also seeing a movement of apps, connectivity, and features like never before. Tool customization, tool tracking, and inventory control are just a few of the benefits we’re seeing.

We might sound like a broken record, but innovation doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This year’s 2016 Tool Innovation Awards showed us that the industry hasn’t run out of great ideas for improving tools.

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