Ace Hardware Rolls Out the Rebates for Black Friday Buying Guides

Ace Hardware Rolls Out the Rebates for Black Friday

If you are looking for instant savings gratification then you might not want to make Ace Hardware your first stop on black Friday. Actually, since many other home centers and do- it-yourself stores open at least an hour or two earlier than the 7AM door opening of Ace, you can still score some good deals elsewhere and then hit up Ace, “the helpful place” on your way home.


With the stiff competition this year, which includes some pretty good door busters and deals at many tool and hardware retailers (see our reports on Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, and Northern Tool + Equipment), we have to scratch our heads at why Ace Hardware decided to go the mail-in-rebate route on roughly half of their Black Friday sale items? Let’s think about this… most people go shopping on Black Friday for INSTANT deals and money savings. They don’t think “Hey, lets go pay full price!” and then take the rest of the day to fill out tedious little forms that require ridiculous things like: copy this, clip this, glue this, fill in the dots, paint by number and then maybe, if you actually do it all just so, we might mail you something in the next 4 to 6 months via USPS snail mail. And then, once you read the small print, you finally realize that you pretty much wasted the day to try to save 5 bucks.

Ok, so enough of the rebate ramble, let’s see what Ace has for us this year.

For only $4.99 with no rebates, you can get a Stanley Instant Change Utility Knife, a 50 count pack of Stanley utility knife razor blades, or a Stanley 19″ tool box. Given that each of these retails from $10.49 to $14.99 you are actually getting a pretty good deal for less than five bucks.

Our next items only cost $4.99 too. What we have here is a three pack of Stanley Lever Lock tape measure in three of the most popular sizes of 12, 16 and 25 ft. Now, one of the editors on the site swears by the Lever Locks and says it is the only kind of tape he would ever buy. The other item at this same price point is a 25 piece Stanley screwdriver set. But, you’ll have to pay the full retail price of $14.99 and then mail in a $10.00 rebate to get the 75% savings advertised by Ace.

For a mere $19.99 you can be the proud owner of this fine 1/2″ drive, cordless, 18V Black and Decker drill/driver kit complete with storage case and bits. Again, you’ll actually have to put it at regular price of $44.99, and then with a magical mail-in-rebate, you can save a very handy $25 bucks. That is, of course, if you can follow directions to the utmost detail to get the rebate form filled in correctly.

We really like Gear Wrenches and everything they mean to all those gear heads and grease monkeys out there.  It is such a novel concept, a ratcheting wrench – brilliant really. And now at Ace Hardware, you can get your very own 20 piece set for only $29.99 after a $10.00 mail-in-rebate.

The last item that we liked from the Ace Hardware Black Friday Flyer was the compact 10.8 V Makita Lithium Ion cordless drill driver with case and 80 piece bit set. We like this largely because it is really on sale, like you can walk in to the store and save 45% off of the regular price and not have to jump through any hoops to get it for only $79.99.


While we understand the attraction to resellers of the mail-in rebate – they still take in the full price while the manufacturers are stuck with refunding the money. Manufacturers like them because not everyone will remember to send in the rebate form – and of those, a certain percentage can be “denied” due to any number of ridiculous reasons. Our advice is to be very careful when reading the instructions and don’t send in your only copy of ANYTHING. If they want the original label or bar code from the packaging (a common request), make sure you make a photocopy or at least take a digital picture of it. If they decide to deny your claim and you don’t have a backup, you are out that money.

Ace may have big headlines for low prices but we’re betting that shoppers are going to prefer to go to the other stores that don’t require so much paperwork.


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