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Best New Makita Tools 2019 — Pushing Cordless Deeper


We just got back from the STAFDA convention in Nashville, Tennessee where we got to see some of the best new Makita tools coming out at the end of 2019 and into next year. Cordless is at the center of the conversation as both the construction and lawn care industries continue their marches toward lithium-ion freedom.

Best New Makita Tools 2019

Makita LXT 18V X2 Cordless Power Cutter XCE01

Makita is on board with a cordless power cutter using a 9″ blade that gives you cutting up to 3.5″ deep. It uses the same 80mm brushless motor as their 1-9/16″ SDS-Max rotary hammer.

They’re doing a couple of things different with this model. The big deal is that it has AFT—Anti-Feedback Technology. This senses a bind-up and stops the blade super-quick to help prevent injuries. It’s a big advantage when you’re cutting rebar or reinforced concrete.

Look for this one in the May/June 2020 timeframe with a kit price around $899.

Makita Charging Radio XRM10B

It’s finally here! Makita has a charging radio coming that uses 12V CXT or 18V LXT batteries and charges them when you plug it in (standard charging rates). It boasts a similar design and sound to the XRM09B. But of course, most of us are excited about its charging feature.

10,000-Lumen Hybrid LED Work Light DML809

You’re going to see some impressive expansion in Makita’s lighting offerings in the next year. When it comes to putting a lot of lumens on your work, Makita has you covered with a 10,000-lumen LED light that runs on one or two 18V LXT batteries or AC power with an extension cord. There’s also a tripod coming that lets you use one or two of these lights together.

18V LED Flashlight/Spotlight DML812

One of my personal favorites is Makita’s upcoming handheld light. Its head pivots, letting you use it in a variety of ways to cast a spot beam out to 700 yards. Beyond its ability to reach its light out far, I also really like the handle design. It’s similar to Makita’s drills and drivers, making it one of the more comfortable searchlight designs available.

Be On the Lookout For More New Makita Tools!

  • XCV18 18V X2 Backpack Vacuum: A little over 1-1/2 gallon capacity with AWS, HEPA filter, and filter cleaning mechanism (making it Table 1 compatible).

Best New Makita Tools 2019 — Cordless Backpack Vac

  • XPG01 18V Grease Gun: 2-speed cordless grease gun that automatically switches from high to low as it senses the pressure building.

Best New Makita Tools 2019 — Cordless Grease Gun

  • XPP01 18V Hole Punch: Used for corrective work, this uses one of 25 dies to punch holes in 1/4″ to 9/16″ metal (5/16″ max in steel).

Best New Makita Tools 2019 — Cordless Hole Punch

  • XAU02 18V X2 Pole Saw: Has the power of a 30cc gas engine from its outer rotor brushless motor with a 13′ total length on its telescoping handle.


  • MAC100Q/MAC210Q/MAC320Q 1/2/3 Gallon Quiet Compressors: Oil-free quiet compressors (58–60 decibels) running at just 1750 RPM to reduce the motor’s workload while producing enough air for interior trim work needs.


  • Grinders with non-removable rotating guards (your safety manager is going to love this!)

And there’s even more than those. By the end of 2020, Makita is going to have more than 250 cordless tools, all powered by the same 18V LXT batteries. And as they look to even more powerful cordless solutions, be on the lookout for Makita’s 40V Max XGT line in late 2020!

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