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Father’s Day PTR Style

Here it is. That awkward holiday that forces us to pretend we don’t care what we get. We practice our happy faces. We tell ourselves that, “No, getting cologne five years in a row isn’t a subtle hint.”

How has that worked out for you?

And more importantly, how much longer can you hide that all-in-one, multi-purpose late-night infomercial tool you said you “lost”? How many more ties can you cram onto that tie rack you had to re-attach with Tapcons, because it was so heavy it pulled itself out of the 5/8″ drywall?

Enough. We have a solution.


The pros at PTR Magazine have done you a service. We’ve taken the time to piece together our own short list that’s certain to land you just what you’re looking for this Father’s Day.

Here’s how it works. Following are a few tools and gadgets you are going to want to make space for in your garage or shop. They’re good ones, too and you can get them all easily at your local home improvement warehouse. Here’s the zinger: we pitch the tools to your lady by selling what you will do with them.

Here’ how this works. Along with that list of tools are some corresponding projects for which this is the perfect tool to help you get it all done. You just pick a tool, drop both the note and the subtle “photo hint” on the coffee table (or copy and paste the picture/text into a document and leave it open on her computer), and then let nature take its course…

In other words, they see that fancy walk-in closet. We point out that the miter saw is a necessity for making that happen. They buy you that miter saw. Everybody wins. You feel appreciated and understood this Father’s Day, and you have a chance to spend all day working with a top of the line tool and all night…well, not working. You just built a walk-in closet, man!


Hey Babe,
Remember that idea you were telling me about on Pinterest? I know you said you found the frames you wanted…Could we maybe spend some time together hanging them up? I want them to look perfect for you.

dewalt-tape-measure     zircon-i65-stud-finder


Our closet is a mess, right? I know. I’ve just had trouble finding the right tool to help me put some nice wood shelves in there. But hey, this weekend…I want you to know that I’m on it! That’s right. I’m cleaning it all up. Can’t wait for you to see it!



Thanks for being so understanding about the huge mess I made after using my saw last week. That will be the last time you’ll have to track dust and dirt into your clean house again. Promise. And hey…could I borrow your car this weekend? I know the kids can be crazy, and you’re so busy…Give me one day, and I’ll have it looking like new because, Baby, you deserve it.

ridgid-WD1270-shop-vac     ridgid-VT2534-auto-detailing-kit



I can’t wait to see what you and the girls picked up from IKEA. I know you guys were having so much fun coming up with ideas for their rooms. Hey, let me know when you get back, because I can’t wait to put it all together for you. Come get me. I’ll be in the garage straightening up for you.

kobalt-138-pc-mechanics-setA     bosch-CLPK22-120-12V-combo-kit



Hey Boo,
Spring is coming, so I was going to get all of the kids’ bikes and floaties out to make sure they’re ready to go as soon as we get some nice weather. Maybe I can do that this weekend? And hey, don’t leave this morning without me checking your tires. I’m sure their fine, but I just want to make sure to check regularly. Just want you to be safe.



I know you joke around about me always being prepared, but I just always want you to be able to count on me. I love being ready and able to do whatever it is you throw at me. Keep ‘em coming, Sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere.



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