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Northern Tool + Equipment 10-70% Black Friday Deals

For Black Friday Northern Tool + Equipment has 10-70% off everything in their stores. With all kinds of deals to kick off the holiday season, Northern Tool + Equipment will open their doors at 6AM on Black Friday, November 27th. While some prices follow normal sale prices, some items are really discounted. What we want to do here is help point out where the deals really are.

Tools bags are always a good thing and for only $5.99, you get both a 12″ and 14″ McGuire-Nicholas tool bags. These bags feature a rigid bottom, wide mouth zippered opening and nylon webbed handles. Bang for the buck is what we are talking about with this deal. For only $8.99, you get a 40 Lumen Flashlight, a 5-LED headlamp and a 3″ long stainless steel blade pocket Knife. Definitely a great stocking stuffer combo.

Never just rely on your jack to hold up your car when you are working on it. You need a pair of these 2-ton double locking jack stands from Big Red Jacks. These feature both the standard ratcheting safety and a safety pin design. These will adjust from 10.3″ up to 16.3″ in height. For only $10.99 you don’t have any reason not to be safe the next time you have to get under your car.


Just what everyone needs that has an impact wrench. For only $12.99 a set, you can choose between either metric or standard sockets. Each set includes eleven 1/2″ drive deep well sockets that are impact rated since they are made of super strong chrome vanadium. Also included is a storage box to keep things all nice and neat.

Extension cords are an issue with me. Most folks always use an extension cord that is not the proper wire size which makes it underrated for what you are using it for. This cord will solve this issue for most hand held tools and appliances. Since it is made of heavy 12 gauge wire, it is rated to handle 15 amps at 125 volts. Combine this with an ultra flexible outer protective cover and you have yourself a great deal at only $39.99. Read about our FAQ about Extension Cords.

For the more adventurous do-it-yourself guy, there is this 125 Amp wire feed welder. Now all your small metal working projects can come together in a professional way. This welder can handle sheet metal all the way up to 1/4″ thick stock. For a one day only price of $129.99, you need to make sure to grab one of these.

Like we have said before, whenever you can save $100 bucks or more on a tool you are doing good. For this 3250 watt generator which is normally priced at $329.99, you can get it on Black Friday for only $199.99. This generator has two 120v outlets built in and features an easy to start gasoline engine. As far as deals go, this is the lowest price we have seen on a new generator.


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