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The Office Gaming Chair – E-WIN Racing Chair Review

Serendipity happens from time to time—like when E-WIN emailed asking if we’d review one of their Ewinracing Champion Series just as I was looking for a replacement to my rapidly-deteriorating office throne. We selected the E-WIN Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows. Since I didn’t want to draw any more office attention to my desk, I went with the Black color and got to work.

Author’s Disclosure: E-WIN sent us this chair with explicit instructions on providing links back to their site, but in no way exerted any control over what we actually wrote about their chair in this review.

Ewinracing Champion Series

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Features & Build Quality

When I first opened the box, I expected a typical office chair. In short, I expected lots of plastic and generic parts. Instead, E-WIN racing built a quasi-tank of a chair that looks great and appears ready for many years of tough use and abuse.

Office Gaming Chair E-WIN seat

For the seated areas they use stain-resistant PU leather. I prefer PU leather over bonded leather, but of course, it still blends leather fibers with polyurethane to make a reasonably tough material that should hold up well. It also cleans easily and doesn’t fade in sunlight.

Under the cover (literally) E-WIN uses what they call a heavy high-density cold-cure foam. It’s not memory foam, but it’s in the ballpark. Finally, an adjustable backrest actually tilts and angles as you see fit to let you chill out while working, gaming, or doing anything you like to do in a chair.

Office Gaming Chair Controls

We already mentioned the recline lever that lets you tilt the seat waaaaaay back. In front of that sits the height adjustment lever which controls the pneumatic piston the chair sits upon.

On the left side of the chair, a locking mechanism actually freezes the desired tilt in place, so you can adjust not only the back but the seat angle as well.

Office Gaming Chair casters

The entire chair rides on very cool-looking hub-less casters. They feature all-metal bearings and glided smoothly over our office tile floor.


Assembly went very smoothly and everything came extremely well-packed. You start by assembling the back of the chair to the seat. Next, you cover the metal reclining brackets with decorative plastic covers. Everything uses high-quality Allen screws and tools are supplied. We next attached the casters to the chair base. Finally, we attached the controls to the seat of the chair and placed it atop the base and covered pneumatic piston.


How It Feels & Conclusion

Using PC gaming chairs for office work may seem odd, but it’s really not. After all, gaming chairs like the Ewinracing Champion Series chair are designed for hours of continuous use.

adjustable Office Gaming Chair

The two included pillows provide a neck rest and lumbar support. The latter adjusts up or down via straps as needed, and both are removable.

Overall, this chair feels good, seems really well-made, and makes a fine replacement for my former ergonomic mesh office chair. I love the adjustability of the chair—from the angle of the back to the armrests which move up, down, forward, back, and even side-to-side.

If you find yourself in the market for either a gaming chair or something to replace that aging ergonomic office chair, check out the E-WIN Champion Series.

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Out of curiosity, I have a question as someone looking to potentially purchase an E-Win chair in their Flash XL series. With the chair you reviewed have you encountered any problems with the arm rests breaking? That’s the only potential problem I can see looking at their chairs, but I can’t find any reviews where people mention the arm rests.