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PTR New Product Spotlight – Week of November 18, 2019

Well, the first really big arctic blast moved through this week, knocking our central Florida temps all the way down to the 40’s. It seems like a great time to talk snowblowers along with some new products we saw at STAFDA!

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with One-Key

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 12-inch Sliding Miter SawMilwaukee’s 12″ cordless miter saw with One-Key isn’t brand new to us—we saw it at NPS 2019 earlier this year. The big deal is that it’s now available! It has the power of a 15-amp corded miter saw and plenty of runtime. For general construction, you’re looking at 2 x 14 sliding cut capacity at 90º. On the crown side, it can handle up to 7-1/2″ nested height.

There’s a ton more to talk about, so check out more details on the saw here.

Or go pick it up from Acme Tools. It’s $699 as a bare tool (2739-20) or $849 as a kit with a 12Ah battery (2930-21HD).


Toro Power Clear Snow Blowers

Last week, we mentioned Toro’s new 60V Snow Blower but didn’t have the chance to talk about some of the exciting new technology included with it and other single-stage snowblowers in the Toro lineup. The new Power Clear tech blasts through tough snow to clear driveways and walkways in no time.

The lineup consists of a few models. The 18″ Power Clear 518 ZR and ZE models can tackle snow over a foot deep on driveways that park 4+ vehicles. The ZE models feature an electric start.

The 21″ Power Clear e21 60V brings Toro ruggedness to a battery platform. This model can tackle between 12-18 parked car driveways depending on which battery configuration you run with. This snow blower can come as a bare tool, kitted with a 7.0Ah battery, or kitted with two 6.0Ah batteries.

Toro also has a 21″ Power Clear 721 model that features a 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine. You can pick it up with or without electric start, extended life paddles, or quick-shoot feature. The QZE model incorporates a quick shoot trigger.

The Toro Power Clear lineup is available now from the Toro website or from your local Home Depot.

Price: $439-$849, depending on model and configuration

Gearwrench Mobile Work Table

Gearwrench has released a new mobile work table to help out in the garage or shop. The key feature of the new mobile work table is that you can adjust its height from 35″ to 48″. Sitting? No problem, just bring your work down to your level. Standing? Easy, just raise it up to where you’re comfortable.

But, that’s not the only thing worth talking about. The Gearwrench mobile work table has a powder coating for better durability and a solid solvent-resistant EVA mat. Bumper guards on the corner keep the table from accidentally banging into and scratching up a workpiece.  Large, 3″ caster wheels make this table easy to wheel around.

The Gearwrench mobile work table has a 125-lb load capacity in the center of the table, and 65 lbs on the edges. The table includes a couple of compartments and slots to keep your small parts, bits, and tools from rolling around and getting lost in the shuffle.

The Gearwrench mobile work table comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It should be available from retailers like Home Depot and Fastenal.

Price: TBD

For more information about the Gearwrench mobile work table, click here.

DeWalt AC Brushless Die Grinders

DeWalt Die Grinder 06DeWalt announced a pair of new 2″ die grinders—one with and one without a lock-on switch. One of the big deals is that they are both 13-amp corded brushless die grinders. Among other things, they have the benefits of running cooler and don’t require brush changes throughout their lives.

With variable speeds from 7,500 – 25,000 RPM, they’re capable of up to 1700 max watts out. As part of the Perform and Protect series, kickback brakes help in a pinch (literally) and the triggers have to be reset if the power drops out.

Check out more information here on the DWE4997NVS (no lock-on) or here for the DWE4997VS (lock-on). These are both slated for launch in January 2020 and will run $299.

Crescent Jobox Storage Expansion

Piano Boxes

Crescent Jobox Site-Vault 05Crescent Jobox Site-Vault series focuses on security with a visual signal to let you know whether or not the box is locked. A simple fluorescent reflective indicator is the giveaway.

There’s new built-in lid storage and 1000-pound shelf storage capacity with an upgraded lock system that supports Master #1, #5, #175 and American 50 locks. There’s also a padlock-able sidewall storage bin for your personal items.

Premium Chests

On the chest side of the Site-Vault line, you’re looking at additional strength and the elimination of sharp corners thanks to a chamfered lid design (the piano boxes also have a chamfered lid). Deep upper and lower built-in storage bins work together with cargo netting to keep your tools and gear organized. There’s also built-in sidewall storage.

The whole thing secures with a gas spring, making it easier to open and preventing your apprentice from slamming the door shut.

Standard Chests

Even the standard chests get a gas spring, giving them the same benefits of easy opening and safer closing. They also have recessed handles with enough clearance at the bottom to reduce the chances of pinching your fingers.


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