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PTR New Product Spotlight – Week of November 4, 2019

From OPE and medium equipment to a revolutionary new line of battery-powered construction equipment, check out this week’s PTR New Product Spotlight!

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Rear Handle Circular Saw

Milwaukee announced the release of a new M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ rear handle circular saw this week, which they promise will deliver the same type of power as your corded 15 amp circular saws. At a weight of 10 lbs and completing enough cuts to get you through the workday on a single charge, Milwaukee looks like they’re making a serious bid to replace your corded workhorse.

With the kitted HD12.0 battery, the new circ saw can complete up to 570 cuts per charge through tougher applications like engineered lumber. Milwaukee even claims that the new saw cuts up to 25% faster than 15A corded and high-voltage circular saws.

This saw is available as a bare tool or as a kit. The bare tool will run you $269, while the kitted version – which comes with a High Output HD12.0 battery and a rapid charger – is available for $449.

For more information, check out Milwaukee’s website here.


Cub Cadet Pro X Series Stand-On Mower

Cub Cadet has debuted a new line for their Pro Series, the Pro X Series of stand-on mowers. These are the first stand-on mowers in Cub Cadet’s commercial line of lawn equipment. The brand sees this line as a flexible solution for mowing a wider range of properties than a sit-down zero-turn mower. It features a smaller footprint to free up trailer space, but it also includes the suspension system and smooth controls of the X 600.

It features a 10-gauge deck shell and 7-gauge steel top and bottom reinforcements. A maintenance-free design keeps you from ever needing to grease down the pivot points. 24″ tires give you the kind of ground clearance you need for hopping curbs.

The suspension platform is fully adjustable without the need for tools. And, the Pro X Series comes with adjustable hip pads and side supports for better comfort and stability.

The Pro X Series features Kawasaki engines that generate up to 25.5 hp, high-lift Marbain blades, and a step off/step on design for quick debris pick-up. The deck sizes on all of the Pro X Series mowers will come equal to or greater than the tire width to reduce turfing.

The Cub Cadet Pro X Series is coming in December 2019. The line will come with a 3-year, no-hour-limit warranty, and will range between $8,499 and $9,499.

For more information about the Cub Cadet Pro X Series, click here.

DeWalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger

If you liked what DeWalt did with the TStak radio we just reviewed, or the first-gen ToughSystem radio, get excited for the newest development in stackable radios that fit into modular storage systems. The next-gen DeWalt ToughSystem radio and charger is scheduled to make its way to your local hardware stores this November.

This version includes Dynamic Range Control, giving you optimal sound in both indoor and outdoor settings. Four full-range speakers, an active subwoofer, and a passive bass resonator all work together to create an immersive auditory experience. Driven by a 55W RMS amp, this radio gets LOUD.

Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t need to be subject to whatever radio station is in the area—you can stream audio directly from your phone. The ToughSystem radio includes a 2.1A USB port for charging a phone or other device. And, speaking of charging, a compartment on the top of the radio holds charging docks for both 12V and 20V Max batteries. If you don’t have access to a working outlet, you can use your DeWalt batteries to power the radio.

Available: November 2019

Price: $249 (bare tool)

For more information about the DeWalt ToughSystem Radio, click here.

Weather Guard All-Purpose Steel Van Rack

You might think that all van racks are created equal, but you’d be super wrong there, friend-o.  Do all van racks have GlideSafe Load Assist, cross members, ratchet straps with mounting brackets, or a ladder guide with ladder stop? No? Exactly.

This van rack has all those options. The GlideSafe Load Assist system assists in loading and unloading while protecting both the van and the material. Included airfoil reduces wind noise, while protective strips help prevent damage while the van is in motion. Optionally, you can choose to install mounting brackets with ratchet straps, and the rack has preformed holes for additional accessories.

The full-size, 3-crossmember van rack has a 1,000 lb load capacity and a powder coating for long-term durability. You can install the Weather Guard All-Purpose Van Rack in under an hour, and it will fit all commercial cargo vans sold in the U.S. and Canada.

Price: ~$300 – $500

Shop Amazon

For more info about the Weather Guard Van Rack, click here.


CAT 306 CR 6-Ton Excavator

Caterpillar is creating a new 6-ton class with the CAT 306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator. The new design delivers stronger performance, improved operator comfort, and less maintenance.

The CAT 306 CR can lift up to 7,839 lbs at a 9.8 ft radius, and it can manage 46 gal/min hydraulic oil flow. The 306 CR has a high flow rate of 24 ga/min to the aux circuit, enabling peak performance from demanding hydromechanical attachments. It can dig to a max depth of 162″. And, with its swing boom and compact radius design, it has a 58″ tail swing with counterweight for working close to other objects.

The sealed and pressurized cab reduces the decibel level to 72 dB(A), features AC and heating, and comes with roll-over and tip-over protection. An LCD monitor lets you set and store personal preferences, as well as monitor operational information.

Since the CAT 306 CR shares components with other CAT models, repair parts are easier to come across, as well as being less expensive. Ground level access to maintenance checkpoints makes the internals easier to access and grease down. The filters even have an extended service life.

For more information about the new CAT 306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator, visit your local CAT dealer or click here.


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