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PTR New Product Spotlight – Week of October 7, 2019

From accessory sets and electrical to OPE just in time for fall, here are the hottest new products to come across our radar for this week’s PTR New Product Spotlight!

Makita XBU03 18V X2 Blower

Pull-starting your tired, old gas blower can be a real pain in the kiester, but Makita’s been making yard chores simpler with their line of battery-powered OPE for quite some time now. In fact, the new XBU03 is the next and newest step in the evolution of Makita’s cordless blower lineup.

This 18V LXT blower is the most powerful blower in its class. With its brushless motor, it delivers 459 CFM and 116 MPH. But, even with all this power, the new blower manages to weigh in at only 6.5 lbs with the battery attached.

Makita also spent some time engineering a more comfortable user experience. The XBU03 features an in-line fan design for better balance, a rubber grip for more comfort, and an extended pipe so you don’t have to spend your time chorin’ bent over.

Look for the Makita XBU03 blower to hit your local hardware stores and online soon. Pricing is still TBA.

Learn more here.


Bora Clamp It Straight Edge System

PTIA Award Winner

If you’ve ever thought about ditching the table saw in favor of a track system, now is your chance. The Bora team has come up with the NGX Clamp Edge Saw Guide that turns your circular saw into a super accurate, super simple option for clean cuts. And, while the track saw system isn’t a particularly new one, Bora has updated some features on this one and made it all relatively inexpensive.

With the Clamp It straight edge system, you can skip the whole cumbersome setup process. Basically, you line up the Clamp It system with your straight edge, secure it, and get to cutting.

But what’s the difference between this and any other track system, you ask? With Bora, the adjustable clamp is connected to the handle, so all you have to do is stick to the handle side to secure it.

The Bora Clamp It Straight Edge System is made from rigid aluminum, and it comes in a variety of lengths (up to 100″), extensions, and accessories.  You can use this system with circular saws, routers, jig saws, and other portable power tools.

The Bora NGX Clamp Edge system retails between $50 to $120 and is available now.

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Learn more here.

KeySmart NanoTorch Twist Flashlight

A good flashlight is always handy, but some are handier than others. Take the new Key Smart NanoTorch for instance. It features a rotating swivel head, a rechargeable battery, and KeySmart has made it from machined aluminum for extreme durability.

This 3.25 oz LED flashlight has a 50,000-hour lifespan, a magnetic tail cap and pocket clip for hands-free use. Five light modes let you customize your level of light output; it has 3 power modes ranging from 100-600 lumens, plus strobe and SOS settings. An intelligent memory circuit will recall the last brightness setting used each time you turn it on.

At 4.5″ long and 0.9″ wide, it might be the perfect lighting solution for camping trips, travel, emergency situations, and on-the-job applications.

Price: $59.99

Learn more here.

Jet 1020 Benchtop Drum Sander

Jet has upgraded its 1020 benchtop drum sander. This new iteration of the 10-20 Plus drum sander is even more compact and lightweight than the original, plus it has a host of improvements that make it a more functional design for woodworkers.

It features a redesigned hood with an integrated channel that removes up to 97% of all dust when paired with JET Cyclone Dust Collector. It has a die-cast aluminum and steel construction with an open-end design that lets you sand pieces up to 10″ wide in a single pass. It can handle pieces from 1/32″ to 3″ thick. Rather than pushing the piece through, the conveyor bed pulls the piece through to the 5″x10″ drum – which can work with sandpaper ranging from 36 to 220 grit.

The Jet 1020 Benchtop Drum Sander is available now, and it comes with a roll of 80-grit sandpaper and a three-year warranty.

Price: $899

Learn more here.


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