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Top 5 Best Southwire Gifts for Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas, PTR brought to me… Southwire gifts with utility! Day 3 is here and today is all about electricians with our top 5 best Southwire gifts for Christmas!


Best Southwire Gifts for Christmas 2017

Southwire Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Southwire Heavy Duty Cable Tie 90 lbs. CT90Why we’d love to have it:

Zip ties are zip ties, right? Not in Southwire’s eyes. They take zip ties to a new level – the cable tie level – with a design that makes bundling cables out of the way much easier. With the simple addition of holes punched in the tie, you can hang the bundle against the wall, up in the rafters or anywhere you want it to be out of the way. And when it comes to holding capacity, these cable ties can handle up to 90 pounds. It’s a simple innovation that makes a big difference for electricians and installers.

Get it for:

Everyone needs zip ties from time to time, but electricians and AV installers will really appreciate the design!

Check out more details here.

Buy it  – $12.61


Southwire Solid and Stranded Wire Stripper

Southwire Solid and Stranded Wire Stripper S1018SOLWhy we’d love to have it:

Few tools are as basic to the electrician as a wire stripper. Southwire jumps on the increased strength of stainless steel with their Solid & Stranded Wire Stripper. Carbon steel is weaker and leaves you with jaws that like to fold over on each other. At that point, you might as well throw the tool away. With stainless, you not only have the strength to resist folding jaws but also to effectively shear 8-32 and 6-32 screws. And if you really need another reason to try them out for yourself, the handles are double dipped for a thicker, more comfortable grip.



Get it for:

Whether you’re working on wiring in your own home or as a professional electrician, you need a good set of wire strippers!

Check out more details here.

Buy it – $16.18

Southwire 8″ Hi-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Southwire 8-Inch Hi-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Why we’d love to have it:

Getting increased leverage is more than just making the handles longer, it’s also about where you place the rivet in proximity to the jaws no matter what kind of pliers we’re talking about. Southwire’s 8″ Hi-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers keep the handle size a little shorter than many of the competitors – making it a better fit in your toolbag. But they use the head design to maximize your leverage and get the best of both worlds.

Get it for:

Electricians will love the hi-leverage function with a shorter 8-inch handle.

Check out more details here.

Buy it – $19.78


Southwire 15″ Open Top Tool Bag

Southwire 15in Open Top Tool Bag BAGOT15Why we’d love to have it:


Southwire’s 15-Inch Open Top Tool Bag is simply outstanding. Working from the bottom, a rubberized base protects what’s inside from moisture on the ground. 1680D ballistic weave is used to make the bag more durable and it’s built around a rigid frame that keeps it from falling in on itself. A wide range of pockets offer storage and organization options. The internal dividers provide more pocket storage, yet are removable to customize your carrying options. Tape measure clips found on either side are an excellent addition.

The foam grip handle rotates to move out of your way when looking for your tool of choice. A padded shoulder strap helps carry the load easier. Right now, I have my go bag of most commonly used tools, including a Ridgid 12V impact driver/drill kit, loaded up and there’s still storage to spare!

Get it for:

Southwire specializes in tools for the electrician, but this would make an excellent bag for the plumber or general contractor that wants to organize hand tools as well.

Check out more details here.

Buy it – $53.99


Southwire MaintenancePRO 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with Bluetooth

SOUTHWIRE MaintenancePRO 1000 A ACDC Clamp Meter with Blue Tooth 23090TWhy we’d love to have it:

Southwire’s premium MaintenancePro Smart Clamp Meter looks to bring smart technology to the most serious electricians. It has the features Pros demand like a precision TrueRMS function, hi-res backlit display, CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V certification, and motor inrush current detection among many others. From there, it connects via Bluetooth and Southwire’s free MApp to view readings, set up recording sessions, and prepare full reports from your smartphone.

Get it for:

Grab this for the professional electrician that’s looking to move into smart tools.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $159.39

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Disagree with our Best Southwire Gifts for Christmas? That’s okay – every Pro has their own needs! Let know what your top 5 are in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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