Plier & Cutting Tool Reviews & Buying Guides

Having spent countless hours testing various types of pliers and plier sets, we really have an appreciation for these particular hand tools. Nearly everyone has used slip joint pliers, however some offer a much better grip and opening than others. Tongue-and-groove (or waterpump) pliers (Channellocks) tend to find their way into most plumbers’ tool bags. We also rounded up our favorite locking pliers (Vise Grips) and linesman’s pliers which might equally share our most-used designation around the shop. Testing cutting pliers lets us see which of these tools offers the highest cutting capacity, strength, and ergonomics. Of the more common pliers we use, wire cutters and needle nose pliers might top the list. Our reviews take a very hands-on approach to looking at these products and discerning the top performers from the run-of-the-mill copycats. You only want to buy one set of hand tools. We want to help you make the right choices.