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When Pro Tool Reviews does hardware and fastener reviews, we cover a lot of products. To us, hardware and fasteners include all types of screws, nails, deck clips, deck fastening clips, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. We’ve covered the new Senco Mantis deck clip system, the RemoveRite reusable screws for construction, Makita Impact Gold bits, and more.

Hardware and Fastener Reviews in the Field

We have even delved into more technical considerations of fasteners. Case in point is our article Are Impact-rated Bits Worth the Money? and Should I Use Square, Philips or Torx Drive Deck Screws? We even discuss the best nails for pressure treated lumber and fastener drive types.

Finally, without the right fastener, your decking, framing, or carpentry project can fall apart…literally. Fasteners make the project, and knowing which can hold up is important. This is another reason to also check out the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. They highlight the most innovative fasteners in the industry that help solve a problem or change the way we employ fastening in projects.