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Bosch Tool Belt Tetris Contest: Win a Bosch Laser Distance Measure

Bosch Tool Belt Tetris Contest Asks “What’s in Your Tool Belt?”

Here’s another fun contest from Bosch to bring 2019 to a blazing finish! With the Bosch Tool Belt Tetris Contest, they want to know what’s in your tool belt or tool bag that is essential for you on a daily basis.


If you’ve ever seen a pocket dump/bag dump photo, it’s very similar. Just take all of your daily essentials out and snap a picture, but there’s a catch. You need to arrange those items Tetris-style.

Upload your photo or video to Instagram from December 11th to December 18th, 2019 to enter. This one’s available in both the US and Canada, so make sure you get the right info in your post.

For the United States:

  • Tag @boschtoolsna
  • Use the hashtag #toolbelttetriscontest

If you’re in Canada:

  • Tag @boschtoolscanada
  • Use the hashtag #toolbelttetriscontestca

While you’re at it, tag us @protoolreviews, too—we’d love to see what you come up with!

There will be 300 winners in the US and another 40 in Canada. If you’re one of the lucky Tool Belt Tetrisers, here’s what you win:

  • Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C 165′ connected laser measure
  • Do You BLAZE? Grizzly mug
  • Bosch carpenters pencils



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