July 25, 2021

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DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle Attachment System

DeWalt FlexTorq DWAMRASETFT kit

Accomplish More Applications with One System

DeWalt has released what looks like an extremely effective solution for using your impact driver at some otherwise challenging angles. The DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle Attachment System, through a series of interlocking attachments, can transform your impact driver to a compact right angle driver, standard right angle driver, right angle flexible shaft, or straight flexible shaft driver. And, because it’s part of the Flextorq family of tools, it comes to you impact-ready.

What Does It Include?

The DeWalt Flextorq Right Angle Attachment System, ultimately, includes four different modular pieces that can be joined together to form the perfect driving apparatus. It’s like the Voltron of impact driver accessories.

It comes in two set configurations, a 2-piece set and then the full set. The 2-piece version includes the compact right angle attachment and the standard attachment (as well as an aux handle) that can attach to the right angle to form the standard right angle driver.

For more flexibility (in the truest sense of the word), the full kit offers those previous pieces as well as the flexible shaft piece. With all of the pieces working in conjunction with one another, you’ve got about as much flexibility as you could ask for for getting around corners and in tight spots.

Say, Haven’t We Seen This Before?

The DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle System looks suspiciously like the old Max Fit Modular Right Angle System we used to know, except with a different paint job. So, what’s the dif?

Flextorq, in DeWalt parlance, generally implies “suitable for impact driver usage,” whereas the older Max Fit model mentions that it has metal gears and an “impact ready core.” DeWalt also tells us that the Flextorq offers 10x longer life, while the Max Fit offers 5x longer life (longer than what exactly seems ill-defined, but I am led to believe that the Flextorq set will last quite a long time on the basis that DeWalt claims it will last two times longer than the Max Fit).

We’ve drawn the conclusion that the DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle System is using stronger and improved internal components. It looks like the new model also has a stronger rare earth magnet. Beyond that, the system looks pretty much exactly like the older Max Fit system, in terms of design.


  • 10X Longer Life with its gears
  • 1.5 in. head height
  • Impact ready
  • Rare Earth magnet retains fastener for easy one-handed use
  • Metal gearcase with quick bit ejection adds durability and convenience to any jobsite
  • Patented handle designed (Flexshaft and modular handle) to reduce vibration


You can find the DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle Attachment System at most major retailers. You have two sets available. The DWAMRAFT Flextorq 2-Pack Right Angle Drill Set retails for around $29.98. Or, you can pick up the DWAMRASETFT Flextorq Angle Driver Kit, which includes the flexible shaft, for $39.99.

DeWalt Flextorq Modular Right Angle Attachment System Specs

  • Model: DeWalt DWAMRAFT (2-Pack) & DWAMRASETFT (2-Pack plus Flex shaft)
  • Impact Ready: Yes
  • Shank: 1/4 in. dia.
  • Chuck Fitment: Hex
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • Price: $29.98, $39.99 (w/Flex Shaft)

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