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Gearwrench Hex Keys | From Basic to Brilliant

Gearwrench Hex Key Sets

From homeowners to professionals, everyone needs hex keys. Not all are created equal, though, and Gearwrench hex keys have you covered from basic sets through some of the best designs you never knew you needed.

Gearwrench Hex Keys | Basic Set

Let’s start with your basic set of hex keys, or Allen wrenches if you prefer. This particular set is metric and covers 10mm to 6mm in whole sizes, then adds 5.5mm to 1.5mm in half steps (excluding 3.5mm).

Gearwrench makes these and the other keys in this article from alloy steel that helps resist twisting and eventual breakage that cheaper keys struggle with.

A subtle element that makes a big difference is the chamfered edge design on both ends. This makes sliding the end into the fastener easier than keys with straight cut-off ends.

We like that the keys in this set are a bit longer than some of the cheap ones we’ve used, giving us more leverage when we need it. It’s also handy that they come in a case to keep them organized and it folds up to take up less space in your toolbox.

In addition to this set, basic Gearwrench hex keys come in SAE and short arm options. The 13-piece metric long arm set we have (83503) is the most comprehensive and runs $10.99.

Gearwrench Magnetic Ball End Hex Keys

One way to step up your hex wrench game is by getting a set with ball ends. They work even better with magnetic ends. The major benefit of having a ball end is better access to the fastener you’re working with.

In this case, you can attack it from up to 25° instead of having to be straight over the top. As for the magnet, it ensures you don’t lose the fastener you just took out because of the odd angle.

The ball end sits on the long arm side of the key and the short arm side is Gearwrench’s standard chamfered end, giving you the best of both worlds.

These are available in SAE and metric sizes (including combinations of both), with or without magnets. The 13-piece SAE set we’re using (83525) is $25.99.

Gearwrench T-Handle Hex Keys

My personal favorite way to go is with T-handle hex keys, and Gearwrench offers them with a ball end or standard chamfered end. While they serve a similar purpose, they’re far more comfortable to use and offer a longer reach.

The 7-piece metric set we’re featuring is an affordable $13.99.

Gearwrench Torx Key Set

Want to make the old folding hex key set better? Swap those 6-sided ends for Torx! Of course, Gearwrench has folding hex key sets in metric and SAE as well, and it’s for the same reasons of fit-in-your-pocket convenience that we’re excited to have this one in Torx.

They feature the same alloy steel construction and chamfered edges as the other keys we’ve been talking about and Gearwrench houses them on a dual-material handle.

With 8 sizes running from T9 to T40, this one is just $7.99 (83508) and a tamperproof set is $10.99 (83507).

The Bottom Line

Gearwrench has tons of quality hand tools for professionals and these are just a sampling of the plethora of Gearwrench hex keys you can get your hands on. Be sure to check out their website or your favorite Gearwrench retailer to get the tools you need in a form factor that best fits your preferences and budget.

Check out more at Gearwrench’s website!

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