April 13, 2021

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GRK Deck Elite Screws | Optimized Fastening for Decking

GRK Deck Elite Screws Attempt to Eliminate Callbacks Due to Fastening Issues

After extensive field research, GRK Fasteners now believes it has the ideal deck fastening solution. GRK Deck Elite Screws are designed to provide faster driving, better aesthetics, and fewer callbacks.

What Do Decking Contractors Want?

As it turns out, decking contractors have a lot to say about their wants when it comes to deck screws. According to GRK’s research, contractors look for a faster start with no need to pre-drill. They want screws that easily drive through pressure-treated lumber. The fastener also needs to have features that keep it from splintering the wood. Contractors also look for perfect seating and better aesthetics—all of which culminate into better productivity with fewer callbacks.

GRK Deck Elite Screws Features

Looking at these new GRK Deck Elite screws, they look like they should solve many of the problems cited above. They come in a tan wood tone to blend in well with pressure-treated wood. You get fast-bite tips that should allow for rapid starts. GRK’s ZipTip also eliminates the need for pre-drilling.

We love the use of Star drive. That should all but eliminate cam-out. Also, a counter-sinking keeps the screw flush with the deck.

The use of a CEE-Thread (that steep-pitched threaded area) enlarges the hole in the deck board so that it pulls more tightly to the joist. This also serves to eliminate head pops.

W-cut threads
W-cut threads found on another GRK screw

W-Cut Thread Form reduces the required installation torque. This provides faster driving and reduces the drain on your batteries when using cordless drills and impact drivers.

What is GRK Saying About the Deck Elite Screws?

Comparing Deck Elite screws to the major competition, we found up to a 40 percent faster drive time versus the competition, which means more work done in less time, allowing the Pro to go quickly from one job to the next. Our testing also showed up to 20 percent less force required to start driving GRK Deck Elite screws versus top competitors, which translates into less fatigue on the job.

Brandon Isaacs, GRK Product Manager

Our Thoughts

Are these revolutionary advances in decking screws? Not really. We’ve seen CEE-thread designs, Star drive, and many of the other features before. What we do like, however, is the whole package. These appear to be a solid deck screw design. They should drive quickly and provide a solid hold. They nailed the coating…there’s not much to criticize.

If you’re like most Pros, you’ll buy these in some sort of bulk package. That’s where the news gets even better. You can pick up a 700-pack of these (#8 x 2″) for right around $40.


The Deck Elite Screws come with a Lifetime Guarantee against rust. They come in key sizes for decking top boards and fencing applications, including 1-5/8″, 2″, 2-1/2″, and 3″ lengths.

GRK packages the Deck Elite Screws in tan-colored labels for easier brand recognition on the shelves of your local hardware stores. They come in pack counts aimed at covering 100 to 400 square feet.

For more information about the Deck Elite Screws, visit the GRK website by clicking here.

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