How to Clean a Gas Grill and Prevent Rust

Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Gas grills are definitely one of the items in our lives that need the most cleaning. Because it’s usually located outside, the grill has to endure a lot of wear and tear we definitely wouldn’t inflict on any of our other appliances. Even with a cover, it’s likely that moisture and debris are going to find their way to our grill leaving behind dirt and rust that can easily ruin even the most expensive gas grill. Follow the steps below on how to clean your gas grill and you can keep it looking good as new.

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Before Cleaning: Check the Parts of the Grill

Before you start cleaning, you need to check the burners carefully, especially if they seem to have a lot of rust on them. You want to look for broken-off pieces, very thin parts of metal, splits, and any other type of damage.

Cleaning Your Gas Grill BBQ

If you use damaged burners in your gas grill, you could be setting up a dangerous situation. At the very least, the cooking is going to be uneven. If you see damage, consider replacing the burners. You may want to go with stainless steel or porcelain which will deter rust. Many times parts are available at your local home improvement store and, if you’re not replacing everything, they can save you a bundle over a new grill.

Remove Rust When Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Carefully look over the rest of the grill for signs of rust. You don’t want to let that rust remain. If you see it on the sides of the grill, for example, you’ll want to scrape the rust off these areas to prevent further deterioration. Then you’ll need to sand the area down thoroughly with sandpaper. Wipe away any of the rust flakes still on the surface or around the area.

How to Clean a Gas Grill Prevent Rust

How to Slow Further Rusting

Since you have just removed the rust, this is a good time to slow down the rusting process. To do this, purchase a rust-destroying compound from your local home improvement store. Then, apply it to the surface with a sponge. Top this layer with a primer—choose one that is appropriate for this purpose and which can withstand some heat.

Consider Repainting the Grill

Because oxidation is a common occurrence on gas grills, you might need to do some repainting to make sure the grill looks as good as new. If you do have signs of oxidation on the grill, take a scouring pad and scour the rust until you’ve removed as much as possible. Wipe away all of the dust and debris. You can then paint the grill after covering areas you don’t want the paint to touch. Make sure you use paint that is specially designed to be heat resistant.

Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Now that you’ve removed the rust and repainted the gas grill (if needed), you’ll want to finish cleaning the inside of the grill. You can find many very good examples of a commercial barbecue cleaner at any outdoor or home improvement store. Follow the directions on the back of the cleaner for the best results.

How to Clean a Gas Grill

Take preventative steps

Always store your grill so it is as safe from the elements as possible. Use a good cover that keeps all parts of the grill from coming into contact with the elements. After all, you don’t want to be cleaning your gas grill at this level every other weekend! Protect it especially from water which can speed up rusting. If you do this, you’ll find that you can enjoy your grill for years to come.

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