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Makita 18V Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches | XWT17 and XWT18

Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Improves Control

Ideal for the automotive, installation, and fabrication Pro, new Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches offers improved fastening control with 4 speeds. The Makita XWT17 and XWT18 impact wrenches also extend the runtime and speed control to improve the overall fastening performance. You can pick these up with either a friction ring or pin detent anvil.

10-Second Summary

  • Models: Makita XWT17 (Friction Ring), XWT18 (Pin Detent)
  • Brushless motor delivers up to 520 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 740 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque
  • 4-speed power selection switch
  • 3 forward and 3 reverse Auto-stop modes
  • Full-speed mode reduces trigger pull to reach full speed
  • Optimized battery energy use for up to 50% longer runtime per charge
  • Compact at 6-11/16″ long
  • Lightweight at only 6 lbs with battery
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Kit Price: $459


Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench | 520 ft-lbs of Torque

The Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench features a brushless motor that delivers 520 ft. lbs. of fastening torque and 740 ft. lbs. of breakaway torque. Despite its capabilities for big power, Makita claims the brushless motor applies the appropriate torque and speed to match the demands of the application. The end result is optimized battery energy usage that delivers up to 50% longer life per charge than earlier models.

Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches

4-Speed Power Selection Switch

For precise application of that power, the Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench features a 4-speed power selection switch. This opens the impact wrench up to a wide range of applications. Further, Makita also includes 3 forward and 3 reverse rotation auto-stop modes and a full-speed mode function that reduces the trigger pull to reach full speed.

Makita XWT17 XWT18 Impact Wrench modes

Four Speed Settings

The Four modes deliver speed and power by varying the speed and thus the “impacts per minute” or IPM:

  • Soft: 1,000 IPM
  • Medium: 1,700 IPM
  • Hard: 2,400 IPM
  • Max: 2,700 IPM

3 Application or Bolt Modes

You also, of course, get those three different Bolt modes or “Application modes” as Makita puts it:

  • Mode 1: In Forward, the tool stops automatically right after the first impact. In reverse, the impact force goes at full power and speed but stops automatically as soon as it stops delivering impact blows. This ensures you never overtighten a fastener. On removal, Mode 1 keeps you from losing a bolt you just broke free.
  • Mode 2: When driving, the Makita Mid-Torque impact wrench stops automatically after a half-second of impacting. On removal, you get full power, but the tool stops 0.2 seconds after it stops impacting. This works really well when you need some amount of torque on the fastener and/or you have longer threads with less chance of running off a nut too far.
  • Mode 3: This mode delivers a full second of fastening after the tool first begins impacting. This drives the bolt or nut a bit longer than the other modes but still lets you finish the job with a torque wrench. When reversing, Mode 3 simply slows down the rotation after the impact wrench stops impacting. This lets you back the fastener off slowly without as much risk of losing the bolt or nut.

Despite all this power and precision, the Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench remains relatively light and compact. It measures just 6-11/16″ long, and with the battery attached, only weighs 6 lbs.


Our Thoughts on the Makita XWT17 and XWT18

The Makita XDT16 impact driver remains one of our favorite tools for fastening tasks. One of the reasons has to do with the onboard controls and flexibility. It takes some getting used to—but it doesn’t require you to pull out your smartphone to change the settings. So far, Makita seems to continue this trend with their impact wrenches. Smart controls like those found on Milwaukee One-Key can definitely help dial in a tool. In real-world use, however, many Pros don’t stop to pull out their phones to dial in settings. That’s where Makita’s decision to go with on-tool controls seems to make a lot of sense.

The available power on these Makita mid-torque impact wrenches also seems to hang right there with the similar Milwaukee M18 mid-torque impact wrench. With the specs sitting so close, we definitely need to do some testing in order to tell which truly has more power. Makita typically uses very conservative specs. If you already use Makita tools, this seems like a no0-brainer addition. Weight and power match up to make for one of the best combinations we’ve seen. You get enough of what you need to do most jobs and with less weight than when using one of the Makita high-torque impact wrenches.

Makita XWT17 and XWT18 Pricing

The Makita Mid-Torque Impact Wrench comes in two flavors. One features a 1/2 square drive with a friction ring (XWT17) while the other uses a pin detent (XWT18). Both impact wrenches can be purchased as bare tools or as a kit with two 5.0Ah batteries and a fast charger. They retail for $459 and come with Makita’s 3-year warranty.

Makita 18V Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Specs

  • Models (friction ring): Makita XWT17Z (bare tool), XWT17T (kit)
  • Models (pin detent): XWT18Z (bare tool), XWT18T (kit)
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Square Drive: 1/2 in.
  • No-Load Speed: 0-500/0-1200/0-1900/0-2200 RPM
  • Impacts Per Minute: 0-1000/0-1700/0-2400/0-2700 IPM
  • Fastening Torque: 520 ft.lbs/700 Nm
  • Nut-Busting Torque: 740 ft.lbs/1,000 Nm
  • Length: 6-11/16 in.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Battery Charge Time: 45 minutes
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6-11/16 in. x 3-3/16 in. x 10-7/8 in.
  • Weight: 13.23 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $459 (kit)
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Thanks for the review! How do you like the hog ring on it? A reviewer on YT mentioned it being nearly useless at holding sockets, any truth to that?