October 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Empire Level

Empire QR Code on Squares, New Torpedo Levels

Even if you’ve a roofing pro, at one point or another you’ll have to consult the manual. Problem is, nobody ever keeps it around. No worries, Empire Level laser etched a handy QR code on their new rafter square so all you need to do is take a snapshot of it with your smart phone […]

Empire Level e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square Preview

Empire Level e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square Preview

Rafter squares may not seem like a tool that needs much innovation, but Empire Level Mfg. Corp., maker of the True Blue series of levels as well as the DLX10 DeWalt Series Level, tweaked theirs to offer the most productive features they could come up with. Their new e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square is designed to offer added visibility, safety, durability and convenience. To do this, they went to the drawing board, literally, and came up with a design that would make sense to roofing and engineering professionals who use this type of tool nearly every day.