October 27, 2021

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Milwaukee 2123 M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light

Milwaukee 2123 M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light

Milwaukee has several tools designed specifically for linemen—that includes an M18 Hex Impact wrench, utility crimpers, bucket lights, various hand tools, and more. Now, we’ve got the Milwaukee 2123 M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light. It kind of reminds us of a droid from Star Wars.

2123-21HD One-Key tool tracking

Why Use the Milwaukee 2123 Utility Remote Control Light?

Geared towards serving the Power Utility professional, the 2123 Utility Remote Control light has tons of options for how it’s used. It can be operated while mounted to a bucket truck via 12V. That gives you virtually unlimited run-time and you can control it even when you’re not standing nearby. You could be in the truck—or even up in a bucket.

Milwaukee RC utility light head and 12V DC base

Alternatively, you can attach it to the M18™ portable base and light areas your truck can’t access. In addition. Milwaukee includes a wireless joystick remote that lets you steer the light where you want it. You can even switch from spot to either of two flood modes. That makes this light great for checking out power lines or lighting up a wider area for maintenance. A double-tap on the power button even recalls the light back to its home position.

Milwaukee Utility remote control light spot mode

“Flood and spot lights are essential for Linemen to work during a storm and for routine maintenance, but most lights on the market today only have one of these functions- forcing a trade-off for the user. Dedicated to delivering innovation to Lineman so they can be more productive, we are excited to provide a durable option that has the versatility to spot lines, flood fields, and literally go anywhere!”

Jason Isaacs, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee 2123 Features

We love the maneuverability and flexibility of this light, but it also puts out quite a bit of output. Spot mode reaches up to 1,250 yards with its beam and you get up to 3.5 hours of runtime when mounted to the M18 base and using an XC12.0 battery. For wider areas, the 2123 Utility Remote Control Search Light’s flood mode gives you up to 4,250 lumens of output for 3.5 hours on High and up to 12 hours on Low.

Milwaukee M18 Utility Remote Control area Light

Milwaukee made the RC Search Light IP56 rated and built it with an impact and weather-resistant lens. You should get good use of this rugged light outdoors in all weather conditions and seasons.


When you attach the 2123 Utility Remote Control Search Light to the M18 portable base or the 12V DC Permanent Truck Mount, the light has Milwaukee ONE-KEY capabilities for tracking. This is great because the kit will run you around $1150. That comes with the 2123 Utility Remote Control Search Light Head, 12V DC permanent base, M18 portable base, 12.0HD battery, Rapid charger, contractor bag, remote control, dash mount, and a lanyard. You can also pick up the kit without the battery for $949.

If you don’t need everything, you can buy just the Utility Remote Control Search Light head with the 12V DC base and remote for $749. You can also grab the M18 portable base later for $379. Availability is November 2021.

Milwaukee Utility Remote Control Light Specifications

  • Model: 2123-21HD) – $1,149
  • Lumens (flood High/Low): 4,250/1,500 Lumens
  • Lumens (spot): 3,500 Lumens
  • Run-time (flood High/Low): 3.5/12 hours
  • Run-time (spot): 3.5 hours
  • Power Source: 12V or M18 battery
  • Ingress Rating: IP56 (waterproof and dustproof)
  • 5 – Year Tool Warranty
  • ONE-KEY Compatible
  • Price: $1,149 (2123-21HD kit), $949 (2123-20 no battery), $749 (2123 head plus 12V base), $379 (M18 base)

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