Milwaukee One-Key Asset Id Tag Accessory Reviews

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags

Manage Your Tool and Equipment Inventories

The Milwaukee One-Key system now includes a new way to track third-party tools and products. With a quick scan of your smartphone or tablet camera, Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags let you manage inventories quickly using the One-Key app. What’s more, these “Milwaukee QR code stickers” let you catalog and track tools and equipment that don’t even necessarily fly the Milwaukee flag.

10-Second Summary

  • Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags stick to tools & products to track inventory
  • Works on any mobile device with an integrated camera and One-Key app installed
  • Scan the tags to record time and location data
  • Available in small or large sizes
  • Available for plastic and metal surfaces
  • Price: $79 -$129


Tag It with an Asset ID Tag

Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags let you use the company’s inventory management platform with any tools and equipment. This includes products not Bluetooth-enabled and those made by other manufacturers.

Essentially, you affix the Milwaukee QR code tags or stickers to your tools or products. You can then scan the code to enter the product or device into your One-Key app database. From then on, whenever you scan that tool, the app records and keeps track of time and location data.

Milwaukee One-Key Asset Id Tag

Milwaukee engineered the One-Key Asset ID Tags in two different materials. The tags made from Velvet Lexan easily affix to plastic tools and resist scratching and fading. They also handle exposure to chemicals commonly found on job sites.

One-Key Asset ID Tags made from anodized aluminum tags affix well on metal surfaces. Both types of tags have strong adhesion that stands up to temperature fluctuations and even exposure to water.

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags come in two sizes, small (0.69″ x 1″) and large (1.5″ x 2″). The small plastic surface tags come in stacks of 200 and retail for $79, while the large plastic surface tags come in sets of 100 and retail for $119. The small metal surface tags come in 100-count packs, retailing for $129. Twenty-five of the large metal tags will also run you $129.


For the price, this offers the first solution in the On-Key system to integrate non-Milwaukee products into your inventory. From smaller crews in need of basic inventory controls to larger workforces requiring comprehensive product and tool-tracking, Milwaukee Asset ID tags seem like a great solution.

The fact that these are basically Milwaukee QR code tags in sticker form makes this solution even better—particularly if you don’t need the Bluetooth tracking features of the Milwaukee Tick. Placing these on your products takes relatively no time at all. Adding them to your inventory also goes quickly using the Milwaukee One-Key app. For the price, we think this truly makes the One-Key platform more practical than ever before.

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Milwaukee One-Key Asset ID Tags

  • Small plastic surface 200 count Velvet Lexan tags (48-21-0001) – $79
  • Large plastic surface 100 count Velvet Lexan tags (48-21-0002) – $119
  • Small metal surface 100 count anodized aluminum tags (48-21-0003) – $129
  • Large metal surface 25 count anodized aluminum tags (48-21-0004) – $129
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I think this is a great and simple but effective idea. I will be getting some…