2016 national hardware show coverage News & Opinion

2016 National Hardware Show Coverage

2016 National Hardware Show Coverage (cont’d)

Vaughan Hammers

Vaughan is bringing back the classic “Woody” hammer with a wooden handle and a steel head, (officially called the VW18 or VW20 with the numbers indicating the head weight in ounces). The faces come milled or flat and all of the hammers have unique D-shaped faces, a side nail puller, and the generous overstike protection—all features this venerable design was know for.

Vaughn Dalluge titanium hammer 823

The new models join the titanium head version already available in the company’s Dalluge brand.

Erickson Big Bed Senior

Erickson Manufacturing Ltd. offers lots of solutions for transport and load management, and now they have a way to make your short bed truck do the work of a long bed with the Big Bed Senior. This collapsible rack fits into a 2-inch receiver and provides a 50-inch wide support bar about 4 feet behind your hitch. With a capacity of 400 pounds it can handle more than just a few ladders or your canoe. Priced at about $129.

Erickson Big Bed Senior

Hults Bruk Axes

Axes forged from glowing steel by a talented smith are all the rage among preppers, bushcraft folks, and plain old axe enthusiasts alike. Hults Bruk is one of these manufacturers where a tool is guided by human hands along every step of its creation. And nowhere is more in vogue than Sweden as a manufacturer center of these tools.

Their latest is the Akka, a svelte wilderness axe with a light 1 1/2–pound head and a 24-inch long handle. The compact head keeps the weight down for packing it in with you, but the long handle allows ample swing for felling and limbing if needed.

Hults Bruk Akka long handle 749

Interestingly enough, in their native country, buyers shun traditional head patterns and the uneven surfaces of a tool fresh off the forge so the company also makes a line of plainer axes that are more uniformly ground and finished.

Hults Bruk axe vs traditional 753

DMT Dia-Flat Sharpeners

DMT stands for Diamond Machining Technology, but it ought to stand for fast tool sharpening. We included them in our best knife sharpener shootout. The initials don’t quite line up, but you get the idea. Nothing knocks down steel faster than diamond abrasives and whether you’re flattening the back of a plane iron or thinning the blade of a filet knife, using the correct grit of diamond sharpener will save you time and effort. Since the diamond media is embedded in a steel plate, even large sharpening plates can be made very flat when compared to stones that wear down as they sharpen.

The brand’s Dia-Flat lapping plates with continuous abrasives have a flatness within .0005 inch (that’s five ten-thousandths of an inch) over its entire length. The interrupted-surface bench sharpeners (with the dots) are within .001-inch of flat (one thousandth of an inch).

Outdoor Power Equipment

Greenworks makes cordless outdoor power equipment under their own name as well as for a few other brands sold at large retail outlets. Read more about this flagship product in our Greenworks 80V chain saw review and in an upcoming shootout in Pro Tool Reviews.

Greenworks 80V chainsaw 813

Snow Joe is a relatively new company that got its start making small electric snowblowers. Now they turn heads with their feature-laden cordless two-stage snowblowers that run on two 40-volt batteries.

Sun Joe snowblower dual 40V batteries 806

Sun Joe is the company’s sub-brand for their warm weather outdoor power equipment. One notable difference at their booth was the multitude of colors some tool models were available in. I was told this is quite a successful sales attribute for moving products on television shopping programs.

Sun Joe pole saw colors 802

It’s another brand we don’t know a lot about yet but we’re going to learn because their 40-volt chain saw should be part of an upcoming shootout in Pro Tool Reviews.

Hopefully you found at least a few items of interest in our 2016 National Hardware Show coverage. We’ll be following up with several of these companies over the next several months to line up some reviews and get additional information on these new products.

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Michael Sweet

Like that worm-drive saw and mini sledgehammer.