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2016 St Pete Grand Prix and Muck Daddy

2016 St Pete Grand Prix

Racing in Florida is a year-round sport. On just about any given weekend, you are bound to find some sort of race happening. That being said, it’s not every weekend that you have Indy Car and Pirelli World Challenge cars carving the streets of downtown, and going 200mph down the local airport runway. This is what happens at the 2016 St Pete Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, FL—and it happens each year, several days during March.

2016 St Pete Grand Prix Behind the Scenes

Muck Daddy offered PTR the chance to see the 2016 St Pete Grand Prix as we’ve not seen it before—behind the scenes. We took them up on this offer, allowing me to be the one to benefit. That’s right, a chance to see the garage area, meander down pit road while the action was happening, and see the teams as they scramble to refuel, change tires, and fix broken parts. I could literally reach out and touch the hot-sticky tires as they’d just come off the car.

If you have ever worked under the hood of a car, been involved in racing—or even manicuring your lawn—then you understand the need for hand-cleaning products. We’re not talking about a normal bar of handsoap or squeeze of dish detergent—that won’t cut it. You need something that has some grit, can cut through that grease and grime, get under your nails, and restore your hands to their natural beauty (albeit, that can be very subjective to your actual natural beauty). Muck Daddy has created a line of products that does just that.

The Muck Daddy line includes the High Performance Hand Cleaner with Pumice and Scrubbing Wipes. Soon to come is Hand Cleaner – Smooth, without pumice. Muck Daddy has worked great around the PTR shop when we get a chance to actually get our hands dirty. This happens more often than you realize. Not only is Muck Daddy the go-to hand cleaner for PTR, it is the Official Hand Cleaner of the Pirelli World Challenge.

Indy Lite car

The 2016 St Pete Grand Prix Race is On

While it is great to see these cars at full speed as they scream past you in a blur, then watch the glowing brake rotors as they try to slow for the hairpin turn; we all have to admit there is a part of us anticipating the inevitable in most auto races—the crash. It is truly amazing at what these drivers can walk away from, many times without a scratch. After all, safety is first…until the 2016 St Pete Grand Prix race starts.

The Pirelli World Challenge has multiple classes of cars run at the same time, including: GT, GTS and GT Cup.

  • GT – Grand Touring – power output ranges from 425 – 525 hp
  • GTS – Grand Touring Sport – power output ranges from approximately 300-400 wheel horsepower
  • GT Cup – the GT Cup class features Porsche 991 GT3 cars that run as part of the overall GT Class races.

One of the GT Cup Porsches spun out in one of the corners after a long straightaway and crashed into the wall. The driver was fine, but the cleanup on the track was taking much longer than normal. We were blessed with the opportunity to see the carnage, up-close and personal. As you can see in the pictures, several people will need some Muck Daddy to clean up this mess.

Victory Lane

It was a fun few days to see the European cars like the McLaren, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus and more mix it up with the best of the American brands such as the Cadillac ATS VR. The greatest thrill came from watching the IndyCar Series cars fly by in a blur, and hear the high-pitch tunes of 700 horsepower created from the turbo-charged V6 engines.

The weekend of the 2016 St Pete Grand Prix ended on Sunday with Juan Pablo Montoya on top for IndyCar, Michael Lewis winning the GT class with his Porsche 911 GT3 R, and Sloan Urry first in GT Cup with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. While the race cars, car haulers and grandstands have left the premises, the fans anticipate the return of next year’s Grand Prix in the streets of downtown St. Pete.

So go out in your garage, shop, or under the shade tree and wrench on your favorite petro-powered missile on wheels. You owe it to yourself to make it faster, quicker and carve turns like it’s on rails. Make sure to stay safe, and keep your Muck Daddy Hand Cleaner and Scrubbing Wipes close by.  You stay clean, Saint Petersburg.

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