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2016 World of Concrete Trade Show Coverage

2016 World of Concrete show

Werner Podium Ladder

We spotted a product that should be in for review shortly, the new Werner 10 foot podium ladder. It’s available both with and without casters to make it easier to move around a small shop or warehouse.

We’ve got some excellent applications for where this podium ladder will potentially prove to be a valuable tool.

Hilti Layout system PLT 300

DeWalt at 2016 World of Concrete

We saw most of the new DeWalt tools at the 2015 STAFDA trade show, but it was great to see their concrete tools being demoed live. DeWalt had their D25980 demo hammer hooked up to one of their dust extraction systems. They were doing a great job of showing the advantages of using a dust extractor vacuum with a larger tool like this (it virtually eliminated the dust at the job site. DeWalt has multiple products that fit a variety of its demo hammers and rotary hammers.

We’d kind of love to review this Hyundai, but where would we park it???

Kohler enCUBE Portable Power

The $999 Kohler enCube 1.8 is a 1800W battery-powered “generator” that can serve up 12 amps of continuous power to a jobsite from its replaceable lead acid battery. There’s also an optional solar panel for $300 that can fully charge the unit in 24 hours or run simultaneously to give it longer run-time. We love the oversized wheels and handle which makes this a really portable product. The enCUBE comes with multiple 120V outlets, 12V DC outlets, and even USB ports for charging or powering just about anything.

This is the type of product that will come in handy when you need some power and don’t necessarily want to bring the noise typically associated with a gas generator.

Hilti ONTrack! asset management system

Makita Products at the 2016 World of Concrete

Makita has been doing a lot with its anti vibration technology (AVT) and at the 2016 World of Concrete show we got to see another cool cross section of the Makita HR4013C hammer.

And this is the Makita XCS01Z brushless metal cutting circular saw in action cutting through steel pipe:

While we got to see the new Makita brushless 18V reciprocating saw at the 2016 STAFDA trade show, it was still impressive to see how the new vertical crank design allows the saw a faster (and possibly smoother) 1-1/4″ stroke.

The new Makita DVC860L X2 Cordless/Corded Wet Dry Vacuum will run for 60 minutes on a pair of 5Ah batteries. It will give you roughly 2 gallons of dry pickup and just over a gallon and a half of liquid pickup in the  tank. There are four castors for moving it around, and (as the name suggests) you can opt for the cord when you want longer run-time or a tad more power.

Finally, we got to take a look at the Makita GA7040S grinder which uses a reduced antivibration cup and dust collection shroud to capture as much dust as possible when grinding down concrete. You can flip up the front of the shroud for grinding up against a wall.

And here’s the tool in action:

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