October 25, 2021

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2017 DeWalt Experience Best New Tools

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - DeWalt Grinder Solutions

The 2017 DeWalt Experience featured plenty of the best new tools and even some professional bull riding. Whether you’re looking for the best new cordless tools, storage, concrete solutions, or mechanic’s tools, there’s plenty to consider from DeWalt this year.

For this event, we brought in Facebook Live to offer our social media audience a much greater level of coverage. Even if you weren’t able to join us live, you can still watch each of the presentations at the end of the article.

If you’d like to watch the video recap instead, check out our YouTube video!

Best New Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience

DeWalt 20V Max Mid-Torque Impact Wrench

DeWalt is introducing a new mid-torque impact wrench to fill the gap between the light-duty and heavy-duty models. Mechanics will be able to tackle just about everything on vehicle work without having to reach for the much heavier high-torque impact wrench.


ToolConnect Updates

DeWalt ToolConnect is moving beyond the Bluetooth battery connectivity to include Tag trackers, a ToolConnect adapter to fit between your existing tool and battery and new 20V Max cordless tools with ToolConnect already integrated. You can read more about the upgrades in our ToolConnect article.


DeWalt FlexVolt Framing Saw

Claiming 2400 watts of output power, this new framing saw (it’s not a worm drive) put the smackdown on corded and cordless competition – including Makita’s 18V X2 Rear-Handle Saw! You can see the official test in the Facebook Live video (New Cordless Solutions)


DeWalt 20V Max Concrete Nailer

No compressor, no gas cartridges, no gunpowder, no problem. DeWalt’s new 20V Max Concrete Nailer is certainly one of the more compelling solutions from this event.


DeWalt FlexVolt Cordless Compressor

There are only a couple of cordless compressors on the market now. DeWalt’s FlexVolt model takes things up a notch with a bit more power than Ridgid’s.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - FlexVolt Compressor

DeWalt Grinding Solutions

You’ll be hearing about several new grinders coming up – including a 20V Max Die Grinder.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - DeWalt Grinder Solutions

DeWalt 20V Max Wire Stripper

Electrician Ben Parker nearly met us at the airport wanting to know more about the new 20V Max Wire Stripper. With a complete set of cutters for all the major wire diameters, this is a real time saver for the electrical trade.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - 20V Max Wire Stripper

DeWalt Carbon Fiber Stapler

DeWalt is continuing their work with carbon fiber. The lightweight strength is now employed on a new stapler that should make work a little less fatiguing when your fastening house wrap and other light materials.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - DeWalt Carbon Fiber Stapler

DeWalt 35′ XP Tape Measure

Fans of the DeWalt XP Tape Measure immediately started asking when there would be a 35′ model. Well, soon. It’s the same dual-spring design with an extra 10 feet of reach. A 16′ model is also coming.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - DeWalt 35' XP Tape Measure

DeWalt FlexVolt Mixer

Masons have a new cordless option in the mixer department. Even in full buckets, this model put on an impressive performance at the show.

Best Tools at the 2017 DeWalt Experience - DeWalt 20V Max Mixer

There’s More than Just Tools at These Events

Bull riding might just be my new favorite sport – and 8 seconds sure seems like a long time all the sudden!


Plumbing and Electrical Breakout at the 2017 DeWalt Experience


2017 DeWalt Experience Concrete Solutions Breakout


2017 DeWalt Experience Concrete Anchoring


ToolConnect Updates and New Jobsite Wireless Internet at the 2017 DeWalt Experience


2017 DeWalt Experience New Cordless Solutions


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