March 2, 2021

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2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Have Been Announced!

2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

The 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards have been released to the public. There are 13 categories with 167 total winners along with finalists. There are plenty of names and products you’ve heard about and several that might genuinely surprise you.

Every year, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards highlight the most innovative tools from around the industry. The result is that you get an early look at tools that are coming up and see some of the products currently available that will make your job easier, safer, or more productive. Whether you’re a seasoned Pro, apprentice, maker, or DIYer, there are plenty of tools and accessories you’ll want to know about.

There’s no slowing down innovation in the tool industry and this year’s winners prove it once again. Cordless maintains a high presence as usual while OSHA’s updated silica dust regulations encourage innovation in Concrete & Masonry. One of the surprises this year is how lithium-ion technology is looking to change the OPE landscape.

This year’s judging team consisted of Pros from across every major trade along with editorial staff from Pro Tool Reviews, Shop Tool Reviews, and OPE Reviews. In many cases, a near courtroom-style debate was going on as they weighed the various innovations within a tool class. In the end, we’re all still friends, though a couple of us had to sort things out over a beer.

2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Categories

Here are links to each of the categories directly so you can check out the winners for yourself:

Obviously, everyone will have their own opinion of which tool(s) are the most exciting in this list and we want to hear from you! Check out the winners and tell us what stands out the most you to in the comments below!


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