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Aerial Linemen: The Most Dangerous Job In The World?

If you’ve ever wanted a job that marries high-voltage electrical repair work and dangling from a helicopter into one super life-threatening profession, Haverfield Aviation might have a position for you. The company specializes in servicing power lines that exist in some of the country’s most dangerous and unforgiving locations, and which can only be accessed by helicopter. They employ highly-skilled aerial linemen and pilots to help keep the national electrical grid in fine, working order.


The Challenges of Aerial Linemen

Aerial Linemen: The most dangerous job in the worldHowever, keeping things up and running is easier said than done. To service the electrical grid, these aerial linemen will throw on a safety harness and dangle from the side of a helicopter hundreds of feet in the air. To make the whole situation even more insane, aerial linemen will often need to have the tools they need in arm’s reach at all times. This means they’ll sometimes have a chainsaw tethered to themselves while dangling in the air.

The helicopter pilots don’t have a walk in the park either. These pilots will spend many of their business hours in what they call “Deadman’s Curve,” an altitude and airspeed combination that pilots avoid because of its statistically higher chance of ending in fatality. However, Haverfield Aviation trains their pilots to fly in exactly these difficult circumstances.

Is This The Most Dangerous Job In The World?

Working around high-powered lines in normal circumstances is pretty dangerous all by itself. In fact, dozens of power-line workers die each year. Adding in the extenuating circumstances revolving around helicopters and high-flying power tool usage, the potential danger becomes even more intense.

“Helicopters are dangerous. Power lines are dangerous. When you put the two together, you have double danger…you have to always be alert, always be on your A-game. It don’t take much voltage to stop your heart…there’s little chance of survival if you get into something bad.”

-John Brooks, aerial lineman for Haverfield Aviation, in a CNBC interview


For those who have the stones to get into this line of work, the compensation can be considerable. While the average power line worker earns around $67,000 depending on their region, aerial linemen make a whole lot more. Brooks claims that even as a worker on the lower end of the pay scale, he brings home somewhere between $90,000 – $100,000 per year.

Aerial Linemen: The most dangerous job in the world

So, for those of you who need the potentiality of imminent death to spice up your work week, you might look into becoming an aerial lineman. Let’s face it – most of us chumps will make our living either stuck in an office somewhere or outside sweating off our proverbial gumdrops. With a cautious frame of mind and an appreciation for adrenaline-pumping situations, you could make an excellent living while dangling from the side of a helicopter next to some power lines, 100 feet in the air with tools hand.

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Had to coordinate with these guys before we could fly our drone each morning. Pretty impressive.