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Best Bosch Tools at World of Concrete 2018

Best Bosch Tools at World of Concrete 2018 02

Bosch is always a big player at World of Concrete with good reason. Their concrete tools are some of the best in the business. But even outside that sector, they bring their A game to show off some of the latest and greatest their project managers cook up. This year, there’s more than just new tools, there’s some groundbreaking new technology. Here are our picks for the best Bosch tools at World of Concrete 2018.

Best Bosch Tools at World of Concrete 2018

Bosch Bluehound Asset Management System

Bosch is somewhat quietly piloting their new asset management system – Bosch Bluehound. It’s a Bluetooth tracking system targeting larger construction firms to help manage their assets from tools and equipment to vehicles and people. It really boils down to helping firms with strategic alignment to make them more efficient and profitable. The program is extensive, but keep your eyes open for more information as we break it down from general concept to specific details.

One quick note – Bosch Bluehound is in an open pilot stage right now, meaning they’re looking large firms to partner with them in the testing phase, but it’s not currently available for purchase.

Bosch BlueHound Asset Management System

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Bosch GPS-Enabled Tools

Every time we bring up another tool tracking app or device, the question from our audience is always the same – when are we going to get GPS tracking?

It’s 2018 and Bosch is introducing it to the world. For now, this technology is only on corded tools – a new Brute Turbo hammer and as a retrofit on several SDS-Plus hammers. It’s an exciting step forward that Bosch intends to continue developing.

Best Bosch Tools at World of Concrete 2018

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Bosch FlexiClick

Switching from beefy concrete tools to 12V cordless, there’s the new Bosch FlexiClick. This one has interchangeable heads that help in a variety of applications. Since it’s Bosch’s 12V platform – which is excellent, by the way – it’s nice and compact for working in those awkward spaces.

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GLM400C Laser Distance Measure

The Bosch GLM400C is a laser distance measure with a built-in camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The Bosch Blaze Outdoor Laser has an internal lithium-ion battery to give you 6 to 6-1/2 hours of continuous use. You get the standard basic measurement layout along with area, volume, and indirect measurement functions. There’s even a built-in digital bubble level. While the system can look somewhat intimidating, the GLM400C includes simple to use instructions – just tap the help button on the screen and it will walk you through how to get the data you need.

You can overlay that onto a picture the camera records and generate reports or estimates back at the office. You’ll be able to store up to 600 measurements and recall the most recent 50. All of them can be stored on your computer by transferring them with a USB cord.

A couple of things really stand out. First, the accuracy is 1/16″ and the range is 400 feet. That’s accuracy and range you won’t get with most models out there.  There’s also the matter of price – $299. That’s much less expensive than other camera-enabled distance measures out there.

Bosch GLL3-330CG 12V Cross Line Laser

A new line is extending Bosch’s excellent line of cross line lasers and takes them to the next level (pardon the pun). You now have three 360° green diodes to work with (a red laser model is also available). Bosch VisiMax technology is one of the new developments you’ll see. Well, you probably won’t see it, actually. When the unit senses an issue with power consumption or diode temperature, it will automatically dial back the intensity of the laser. But here’s the thing – it’s so subtle that you’re unlikely to notice the difference.

Bosch 12V Green Cross Line Laser

Additionally, Bosch moves into the 12V lithium-ion battery supply with this model. Because of the footprint, Bosch’s 4.0 Ah pack won’t work, but a compact battery should get you through a full day’s work in most cases. Bluetooth is also onboard to help you remotely control several functions and push notifications to your phone. If you want the features without Bluetooth capability and the lithium-ion battery, a AA-powered unit is also available.

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer with Onboard Dust Collection

One of the hottest selling items now that OSHA’s silica dust limits are in full force is for dust collection. For rotary hammers, Pros are loving onboard solutions to keep them compliant and cord/hose free. Bosch’s new GDE18V-16 dust collector fits the GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer. While it’s the only solution they have available at the moment, look for the line to expand quickly.

What tops your list of best Bosch tools at World of Concrete 2018? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Andy Greenwood

If your impressed with Bosch’s new line sds hammer drills & on board dust extractors? Has anyone seen the predecessor to the 18v 1” sds plus bulldog rotery hammer drill???
Not only have I seen it, I own one!
Email me if your like more details and Imiges of what is still to come!

Matt Schimke

Chris Donnelly Shane Kennedy

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