April 18, 2021

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Best Hustler Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

Best Hustler Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

Whether you’re looking for quality residential or commercial lawn care products, Hustler outdoor power equipment options are some of the best available. We focused on the commercial side of their line with one of the highlights coming from the increasingly popular stand-on mower side.

Best Hustler Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

Hustler Super 88 Stand-On Mower


Hustler promises the cut quality of a 54″ mower with an 88″ cutting deck on their Super 88. The magic is in the wings. They float on the surface and self-adjust up to 15º up or down as you’re mowing berms and bumps. When you’re ready to load up on the trailer, they fold up vertically to give you the clearance you need.

Hustler is one of just a few manufacturers using Vanguard’s commercial engine with Oil Guard. It gives you up to 500 hours between oil changes and extends the life of the engine.

Check out the full details on the Super 88 here.

Hustler TrimStar Walk-Behind Mower

Best Hustler Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019 - Hustler Trimstar

When you need to reach areas that your ride-on or stand-on ZT won’t fit, Hustler’s Trimstar becomes the star of the show. Its H-Bar steering system uses a motorcycle-esque design that’s very easy to learn and use proficiently in minutes.

In the latest version, the Trimstar gets several updates users have been asking for. It now has a deeper 5″ deck, all models have an electric start, and it has larger tires with tapered bearings. The whole package comes together in an excellent supplement to your commercial mower fleet.

You can get a Trimstar in 36″, 48″, or 54″ deck sizes.

Check out the full details on the Trimstar here.

Hustler Super Z HyperDrive

Best Hustler Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019 - Hustler Super Z HyperDrive

For the HyperDrive line, Hustler takes their top-tier Super Z commercial mower and beefs up the transmission. According to Hustler, it’s the largest, most durable drive system in the industry and drives in tough conditions without any loss of performance. With a 16 MPH top speed, you’re looking at a mower that helps you get the job done more efficiently. And with the HyperDrive’s 3000-hour warranty, you can be confident it’s not going to leave you kicking the tires when you should be mowing.

Hustler Super Z HyperDrive models are available with 66″, 66″, or 72″ VX4 deck sizes.

Check out the full details on the Super Z HyperDrive here.

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