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Best Makita Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

Makita XCU08 Top Handle Chainsaw

Makita outdoor power equipment is making some huge strides and they had a lot to show off at their GIE 2019 booth. While there were a few familiar model numbers, the biggest focus was on what’s coming in the next year.

Best Makita Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

XCU08/09 Top Handle Chainsaw

The Makita XCU08/XCU09 top handle chainsaws are 18V X2 products focusing on the needs of arborists and utility workers. In addition to seeing it action at GIE, we’ve been using it for several weeks and it’s my favorite top handle chainsaw right now. It does a great job of keeping its chain speed up and has a torque boost mode for cutting in tougher applications.

The XCU08 comes with a 14″ bar and the XCU09 comes with a 16″ bar. Everything else is the same and you can swap between 10″ – 16″ bars if you want to have a range available.

Discover more from Makita and keep your eyes open for our full review!

Makita 4-Battery Lawn Mowers

Makita has 3 new lawn mowers coming out and each one houses 4 batteries. Why 4 batteries? Because it gives you the runtime to mow up to a full acre without going back to your garage or shop for a new set!

Upgrading from Makita’s XML03, there’s an 18″ self-propelled model to go along with 21″ push and self-propelled models. The new mowers feature a brand-new Makita-built brushless motor. Rather than just grabbing something off the shelf they were already making, the design team developed one specifically for the work a lawn mower has to do.

Keep your eyes on Makita’s lawn mower page for updates as these get closer to launch.

New Makita LED Lights

Best Makita Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019 - LED Lighting

Makita is expanding its lighting solutions with 3 new lights. The first is a handheld model with a rotating head that you can use standing on its base or light a flashlight/searchlight. Its long throw is perfect for spotting objects at a distance.

The second is a medium-output area light that puts out 3,000 lumens and has an AC cord that comes with it so you can use it corded or cordless.

The last blasts 10,000 lumens of area light for those times you need the most light possible is a relatively compact form factor. It runs on one battery, two batteries, or AC power with an included AC cord.

Makita Backpack Battery Pack

Best Makita Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019 - Backpack Battery Pack

Makita is getting ready to extend your runtime up to 4 times with their upcoming battery backpack. It stores up to 4 batteries and uses an adapter to run your 18V or 18V X2 tools. It’s a great solution for extending your runtime on applications where it’s inconvenient to stop and grab a new set of batteries.

The backpack comes with both single and dual battery adapters.

Makita 18V LXT Battery Case

One of the most popular posts from our GIE coverage was one of the simplest Makita was showing off. This lockable, stackable case holds 8 batteries in a molded insert. From the reactions we got, it promises to be one of the most helpful accessories Makita is rolling out!

Did you attend or follow the GIE 2019 coverage? What was the coolest Makita product you saw? Let us know in the comments below!

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