May 16, 2021

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Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

Finding the best Makita tools at STAFDA 2018 wasn’t a difficult chore – they introduced more than 40 new tools! The challenge was just figuring out which ones were our favorites. Of course, there’s not time and space to break down every single one in this article, so here are our top picks from this year’s event.

However, if you’d like to check them all out, Makita has a page for you. Just click here.

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

B-62963 6-1/2″ Max Efficiency Circular Saw Blade

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

Makita’s Max Efficiency Circular Saw Blade is the fastest and most efficient blade we’ve ever tested. It’s now available in a 6-1/2″ size to cover tools like the XSH03 and Sub-Compact circular saws. These are shipping to stores now.

XSC04 18V 5-7/8″ Metal Cutting Saw

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

By moving up to a 5-7/8″ blade, the new Makita XSC04 metal cutting saw has a transparent chip collector and gives you the ability to cut larger diameter pipe with its 2-1/4″ cutting depth. There’s also a 5-3/8″ version with a 2″ cut capacity (XSC03). Both of these move the battery to a side entry instead of rear to give them a more compact tip-to-tail form. They’re available now.

AN924 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

We’ve been hearing whispers about an update to Makita’s AN923 framing nailer. The AN924 maintains the same 0.162″ diameter with 3-1/2″ nail length while dropping some weight and giving you a top load magazine. This one is coming Spring 2019.

XSH07 18V X2 Circular Saw with AWS

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

The XSH07 is identical to Makita’s new XSH06 circular saw with AWS added to it. That combination gives you outstanding performance with cordless auto-activation of your AWS dust extractor for a completely cord-free experience. It’s available now.

XTR01 18V Rebar Tying Tool


Makita isn’t the first one to have a cordless rebar tying tool, but no one else makes one that works on the same battery as so many other tools! There are some upgrades here as well. The wire spool is centered to maintain better balance and the feed gears are covered to keep them from getting gunked up. With up to 5300 ties on one charge, this is a great tool to pair with Makita’s cordless rebar cutter. You can order this one now.

XDT16 18V Impact Driver


The XDT16 is one of the most feature-rich impact drivers you’ll come across and it still maintains Makita’s compact form. The torque gets a boost up to 1600 in.-lbs. to go with its 4 standard speed settings. From there, you also get 4 precision settings: slow start (Assist mode – precision wood fastening), slow finish (Quick-Shift – precision metal fastening), and two Reverse Auto-Stop modes to loosen a nut without taking it all the way off the threads (great for automotive and MRO). Expect this one to arrive late 2018/early 2019.

XWL01 18V X2 Chop Saw


Makita showed off the world’s first cordless chop saw. Built on its corded counterpart, it has tool-free wheel changes and zero compromises on power. Makita’s internal testing is getting up to 100 cuts on 20 gauge stud with a pair of 5.0 Ah batteries. This one should be showing up soon as a Fall 2018 release.

Hints at What’s to Come

STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributor’s Association) is really about driving sales and the show isn’t your typical media event. That means manufacturers sometimes bring concept or prototype products with them but ask us as members of the media not to release photos or video just yet.

That said, Makita has some cool products in the works for 2019 and I can give you some hints without violating my word to keep things under wraps that need to stay that way. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A solution for greater battery capacity on cordless tools
  • More versatility in the dust extractors AWS works with
  • Even better cordless polishing options

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At one point I heard Makita was working on an 18v x2 backpack. I think it was more for the OPE stuff, but it would also work well for things like their big rotary hammer. I was hoping to see something sooner rather than later.

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