Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2019 News & Opinion

Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2019

Skilsaw owns the worm drive market and is putting that technology into more than just circular saws. It’s this branching out into other categories that highlights the best Skilsaw tools at World of Concrete 2019.

The Top 5

  • Worm Drive Miter Saw
  • Worm Drive Carpentry Chainsaw
  • Super Sawsquatch
  • Walk Behind Medusaw
  • Flex GE 7 Giraffe Drywall Sander

Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2019

Skilsaw Worm Drive Miter Saw

When we first saw Skilsaw’s Worm Drive Miter Saw, we got to see all the bells and whistles but didn’t get to make any cuts ar STAFDA. That’s all changed and with the first few cuts, it’s obvious this saw is smoooooooth. It’s much smoother than other belt drive miter saws and also happens to be the lightest in this dual bevel sliding miter saw class at 51 pounds.

  • 4000 RPM
  • Up to 4 x 14 cross cuts
  • LED shadow cutline indicator
  • 50º left, 60º right miter
  • 48º left and right bevel
  • $579
  • Available in April

Skilsaw Worm Drive Carpentry Chainsaw

As builders continue to increase their use of engineered lumber and reclaimed lumber for construction, you’re forced to make more individual cuts to get the job done. Skilsaw’s Worm Drive Carpentry Chainsaw can get the job done with fewer cuts with a tool that’s designed for the job at hand. There’s no compromise in the build like you get from slapping an attachment on a saw that was only ever supposed to be a circular saw.

  • 16″ Oregon bar and chain
  • Up to 60º bevel
  • Magnesium base
  • Full house chain (cutting tooth on every link instead of every other)
  • CSA certified
  • $699
  • Available in April

Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch

The original Sawsquatch pushes your worm drive capacity to cut 4x beams in a single pass. The Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch goes even further with a 16-5/16″ blade that can cut up to 6-1/4″ on a single pass. It’s a beast of a saw that’s right at home cutting beams on rustic houses with an exposed timber look.

  • All magnesium construction
  • 6-1/4″ capacity
  • Electric brake
  • 2500 RPM
  • 27.3 pounds
  • $609.99 $545


Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2019

Skilsaw Walk-Behind Medusaw

The original Medusaw pulled hundreds of dollars worth of attachments into one concrete saw at a lower cost than piecing it together with aftermarket parts. It evolves into a back-saving walk-behind design that lets you score and cut while standing tall. You can adjust the height to put the handle where it’s most comfortable for you and it all folds up into a convenient carry bag when the job is done.

  • Wet or dry cutting
  • Adjustable handle height
  • GFCI protection
  • Die cast aluminum build with rust-resistant brackets and fasteners
  • Collapses down to store and transport in its own carry bag
  • $579 $550


Best Skilsaw Tools at World of Concrete 2019

Flex GE 7 Giraffe Drywall Sander

Flex shared a booth with Skilsaw at World of Concrete. Even though they’re not showing off the latest worm drive innovations, they’re part of the same parent company and have some exciting products to talk about.

Festool’s Planex has some new competition from Flex with their GE 7 Giraffe Drywall Sander. It’s the world’s first drywall sander with interchangeable heads. The simple push-button release allows you to easily change between round, edge, and orbital heads. Flex moves their motor into the handle, shifting weight toward your hands instead of keeping it out at the end.

  • Interchangeable head system
  • Round, orbital, and edge heads available
  • 700-watt motor set in the handle instead of the head
  • Durable shaft design
  • Available Fall 2019
  • Price: TBA

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