October 28, 2021

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Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017 Video Recap

Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017 Video Recap

Southwire is pushing deep into the electrical trade. While they’ve always been about wire, the focus on expanding their tool lineup has been impressive. On our booth tour to see the best Southwire tools at STAFDA 2017, there were some familiar items along with some brand new ones.

Best Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017

Made in America

Certainly, the talk of the show is about Southwire Made in America tools. These six tools (for a start) kick off Southwire’s push to create manufacturing jobs in the USA. Everywhere we go, tradesmen tell us how they prefer to work with a tool made by fellow Americans when they get the chance. With the combination of solid build and excellent pricing, we expect these to be a popular choice among Pros.

Cable Strippers

Southwire’s XTS-01 and XTS-02 make cable stripping much easier than using a knife and aren’t nearly as expensive as the cordless power tool options. All you need to do is set the diameter and twist down until you have enough bare cable to terminate. It’s that easy.

Max Punch XD

Wish you had the budget for a cordless knockout punch? You might be closer than you think! Southwire’s Max Punch XD gives you the mechanics without the power source. What good is that? All you need is a cordless drill with 550 in. lbs. of torque or more to power the punch. Nearly everyone already carries one, so it’s a much less expensive way to upgrade.

Removable Cable Ties

How do you innovate cable ties? Make them removable! Cable ties or zip ties are great for managing cord or cable bundles, but every time you need to take one out or add another, you have to cut the tie and wrap them up with a new one. Southwire Removable Cable Ties allow you to release and reuse them while holding up to 90 pounds. And of course, they have the holes punched all along the tie to hand from a nail or screw to make managing them even easier.



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