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Bosch Simply Connected Media Event at CES 2017

The Bosch Simply Connected Media event opened with a video on…you guessed it: Connectivity. Bosch wants its product lineup to include connected devices, but also so much more. Their tagline was clear: “Simply Connected” and it speaks to this cross-platform, connectivity they’re seeking to achieve.


Bosch Simply Connected with Personalization

Personalization is the next big part of connectivity according to Bosch. It represents an integral need for next generation connected devices and solutions. This includes creating smart devices and services that actually partner with individuals. Bosch wants to offer real benefits to consumers through this type of personalized connectivity. We see it everywhere—from Amazon Echo to Siri and Cortana. Personalization is on the rise.

In 2020 Bosch believes the global “Internet of Things” market will be $250 billion. At the same time, 35% of those revenues will come from the Americas. Bosch is moving forward in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods (tools and appliances), industrial markets, and more.

Bosch MEMS systems

Since Bosch is a global market leader in microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS) they are poised to serve as a hub for this coming IoT push.

MEMS allow systems to “feel” what’s occurring. These sensors cover everything from optical to audio and even positioning and tactile feedback. They provide the eyes and ears for all smartphones, tablets, and even vehicles. Bosch unveiled their smallest pressure sensor that can be used for anything from stabilizing drones to helping wearables measure calories burned. It can even tell whether you’re walking up or down the stairs.

Bosch MEMS sensors microelectromechanical systems

So where will this lead? Lots of places.

Kuri Interactive Robot & Mykie

The Bosch-initiated Mayfield Robotics Kuri robotic assistant serves as a focal point for security, monitoring, requests, and more. “He” is designed to interact with family members and serve as a digital lifestyle assistant. Kuri will be launched in the U.S. by next Christmas. The price point will be $699—historically low for an interactive robot.

Mykie kitchen assistant

Another area Bosch showed off this type of personalized connectivity includes the prototype Mykie countertop kitchen robot. Mykie has an integrated projector, custom step-by-step recipes, and voice recognition that can control the new Bosch smart appliances.

Bosch Connected Automotive Technology

When Bosch applied this connected viewpoint to cars, it recognized something important. Cities actually need to adapt in order to take advantage of these coming changes. New concept products like their smart vehicle and heads up technologies have fascinating potential.

Bosch CES 2017 concept car

Bosch had some pretty innovative motorcycle systems on display as well. There was a new rider information system uses a tablet-like device instead of an instrument cluster. There was also a smart (connected) Lean connectivity unit that ties your smartphone to your motorcycle or scooter via Bluetooth.

Bosch motorcycle navigation

Bosch Smart Connected Tools

Bosch Connected ToolsBosch had some innovative new tools on display at the 2017 CES. These new connected tools offer professional tradesmen ways to optimize inventory management and optimize work processes. Because they have control options, they can also increase productivity. Owners of Bosch connected power tools can personalize them via the Bosch Toolbox app. Devices can be configured to meet their individual needs. Users can also receive information on the status of their tools. For example, the new brushless angle grinder turns itself off before overheating. Before it gets there, however, a large square LED light will turn yellow, letting you know the tool is engaging in excessive torque. If we can predict anything, then digital feedback controls like this will set a new trend in upcoming power tools.

Bosch LED floodlight

The app can also show users how long a device has been in use. For some tools, like the new LED flood lights, the Bosch Toolbox app can be used as a remote control.


The Bosch Connected Home

Bosch Home Connect was the final part of our tour. While smart appliances aren’t new, the way Bosch linked everything up via tablet shows innovation. I loved using the app to dial in my preferred coffee beverage. Using the app to set the desired completion time on the dryer also made a lot of sense. Finally, service and support are made far easier, since the smart appliances can communicate directly with Bosch and report any potential problems.

Bosch Home Connect app

The Bosch Simply Connected Media Event at CES 2017 presented a lot of info. Enough that it had us wondering how much more connected tools, automobiles, and kitchens could get. I’m guessing more than we think. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Great overview of the Connected World at Bosch. Bosch already is a market leader in sensor tech- with 3 of 4 smart phones containing Bosch sensors. Over 50% of our product is already simply connected, with more to come over the next few years. The tools will start with the roll out of floodlights out now and will continue to develop and test our connected drills and grinders this year for a Q1 2018 US market launch.

Bosch Tools