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CES 2017 Tools, Technology and Smart Devices

Back in the day, I used to hit up CES every year, covering some of the greatest technology products available for audio, video, and home theater applications. Now, I’m back at the world’s largest trade show covering the latest trends in tools, technology, and smart devices for the home. Checking out the CES 2017 tools I’m reminded of how far we’ve come in the past 15 years since I first started coming to this Vegas trade show.


CES 2017 Connected Technology

We did some extended coverage of the Bosch Connected Power Tools at CES 2017. Everything seemed to be about smart or connected technology. Here’s just a few of the highlights we saw at the show. We started off with the Bosch Simply Connected Media event which included a look at their automotive technology and thoughts on transforming and connecting entire cities.

Bosch also had their prototype Mykie kitchen assistant which could even control Bosch connected appliances. The booth showed off the Bosch Home Connect App which controlled their coffee maker, fridge, stove, washer/dryer, and more.

Samsung announced and displayed new Powerbot robotic vacuums with 20x the suction of competing robotic vacuums.

Samsung also had their NZ9500 induction cooktop which hasLEDs to reflect a virtual display of the cooking heat level onto your pots.

CES 2017 Tools and Trade Tech

While VR dominated the 2017 CES, some people were using it to show off some very practical tech. As a case in point, FLIR used it to show how IR imaging technology works.

The GoalZero Yeti portable power stations are lithium-ion power generators that can plug into your home and serve as a backup generator.

The Bosch Greentherm 9000iSE smart tankless water heater has an integrated recirculation pump and communicates with your smart phone via WiFi.

And of course there were Bosch Connected Power Tools which took the company into the next realm of smart control over power tools via apps and Bluetooth.

Bosch Connected power tools

CES 2017 Robots

We got a sneak peek at the Bosch Mayfield Robotics Kuri robot assistant.

Then there was Furrion who had a real-live mech at the show. Unfortunately, Furrion did not actively demo the unit. I know—what a missed opportunity! In terms of CES 2017 technology, this took the cake!

Qualcomm Robotics had a lot of amazing stuff—from robots, to drones, to…dragons!

Speaking of drones, Autel Robotics showed off a few that we thought were well-made and easy to control.


Wrapping It Up

While we can’t say there were tons of 2017 CES tools, technology certainly ruled the day. This year VR, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT) dominated the show. It was interesting to see how many devices were integrating with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Even the new DISH Hopper 3 (as well as the original DISH Hopper) can now utilize Amazon Alexa to change channels and more.

What used to take a ton of hardware and wires (think back to older Crestron and AMX systems) can now be done with wireless networking and smart applications and appliances. There’s something to this connectivity and it seems to be coming to the jobsite as well. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this emerging technology matures.

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