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Can I Connect Different Piping Types Together?

When you renovate an old house it’s likely you’ll run into the situation where you have an older style of plumbing that you’d like to modernize or replace with a newer format like CPVC piping or PEX piping. When this happens the question often comes up regarding how to connect different piping types together. There are several ways to do this depending on the system that you want to combine. For example if you want to go from Copper to CPVC there are fittings that will allow a copper solder or threaded connection on one side and a solvent weld on the other side to the CPVC. If you’re trying to go from Copper to PEX, there are fittings that will allow this also.


There are a lot of reasons you may want to go from one type of pipe to another. For one, you may be updating an older home. Another reason is that you may simpler prefer to work with a newer format for plumbing. Perhaps you have a Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Installation Tool that you can’t stand letting go to waste. You may also simply want to come out of your wall with copper numbs for a more finished look to your bathroom. (Some people wouldn’t even consider this to be optional!)

Sharkbite copper

Now, if you want to connect any one of these to another system, there are fittings that will allow you to interconnect the PEX, CPVC and Copper with one handy fitting. There are a few brands of these types of connections, with two of the most common being, SHARKBITE and GATERBITE. These fittings utilize a system of rubber seals and spring-loaded rings to make watertight, permanent connections from pipe type to pipe type. One huge advantage of these fittings is the ability to remove the fitting without any special tools. The disadvantage is that they run nearly 5 to 10 times the cost of a regular fitting. More and more, these fittings are being accepted for use, but be sure to check with your local building codes to ensure these are acceptable in your particular area and application.


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