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Cree XB-D LED Lamp for Next-Gen Lighting

Cree Preps New XB-D LED Lamp for Next-Gen Lighting

LED lighting truly is the future. While we still like our incandescent lighting and how inexpensive it is, Cree has long been pioneering the next phase of LED-based lighting components. Now, the Cree XLamp XB-D LED, which is the first LED based on an innovative new Cree technology platform. What makes it more impressive is that it actually doubles the lumens-per dollar you get, so it simplifies product design and halves the LED component cost for many products. In this way, the XLamp XB-D LED is the next wave of price-performance for lighting-class LEDs. The XB-D LED is also 48 percent smaller than the XLamp XP package and ideal for lighting applications where high lumen density and compact light sources are especially important.

Cree XB-D LED Lamp Features

The innovations behind this next generation of lighting-class LEDs can enable significantly lower prices for LED lighting products by using up to three times fewer LEDs, three times fewer optics and substantially smaller circuit boards than current designs. Leveraging Cree’s silicon carbide technology, the Cree XB-D LED Lamp puts out up to 139 lumens in cool white (6000K) or up to 107 lumens per watt in warm white (3000K), both at 350 mA and 85°C.

And if that isn’t enough, Cree also recently broke the previous luminous efficiency records for LEDs with a new single-die component that put out 231 lumens per watt! The new record-setting efficient LED has a color temperature of 4500K and there were no tricks – the results were produced at room temperature and the LED was running at 350mA (about one watt). Just a few years ago it was believed that 200 lumens per watt might be the theoretical maximum limit for an LED.

Turning back to the new Cree XB-D LEDs – these are compatible with most existing XP family secondary optics, meaning that manufacturers will have very little work to do to integrate the new LED component into existing XP family-based designs.

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