April 22, 2021

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DeWalt DCB090 USB Charger Power Source

DCB090 USB power source

With so many devices powered by USB, it’s probably both fortunate and timely that DeWalt announced a new dual-voltage 12V/20V Max USB Charger Power Source (model DCB090). The new DeWalt DCB090 USB Power Source is unique in that it works with all of the company’s 12V and 20V Max battery packs. You can charge two USB devices at a time, but at present it maxes out at 1.5 amps and won’t handle the 2.0A current requirements for larger devices like iPads. The DeWalt DCB090 USB Power Source weighs just .05 lbs and looks like a small battery pack in and of itself. For those with Milwaukee heated jackets, this will look very familiar.

We noticed electronic devices are being used more and more on the jobsite, and users are often frustrated about being forced to leave their devices in their vehicle or in a remote location to recharge them.”

– Todd Plaguer, product manager, DeWalt

DeWalt DCB090 USB Power Source Features

According to a DeWalt product manager, “The total output is 1.5 amps.  If you only plug one device in it will pull up to 1.5 amps. If you plug two devices it will split the power .75 and .75. It is actually the device that determines the amount of power it pulls, so it might not be split right down the middle. If you have a product that wants to pull more, it can, so sometimes it [could be] .9 and .6.”

This should be a good solution for those looking to charge their mobile phones, MP3 players, and other digital audio devices on or off the job site when AC power is not readily accessible.

The DeWalt DCB090 USB Power Source includes an LED charge level indicator that displays the battery power remaining in the connected pack. The LED indicator shuts off after 10 seconds to conserve power. The DeWalt DCB090 is priced between $19.99 and $29.99 and comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year full warranty, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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