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DeWalt Impact Clutch Bit Holder DWHJHLD Announced

DeWalt Impact Clutch Bit Holder DWHJHLD Announced

The DeWalt Impact Clutch bit holder (the confusingly-named DWHJHLD) should lead the way to increased fastener and bit life. Rather then engineer the impact driver bits to handle the increased torque, DeWalt has taken the route to implement a system that actually clutches the bit, avoiding bit tip and fastener breakage as well as stripping.

DeWalt Impact Clutch Bit Holder Features

By activating in high torque applications such as interior and exterior brace framing, the DeWalt impact clutch bit holder DWHJHLD reduces stress on the bit and therefore extends bit tip life by more than five times compared to standard DeWalt bit tip holders. The accessory is geared toward framers, glaziers, electricians and other tradesmen who are tasked with heavy-duty fastening applications. The Impact Clutch accessory holder can be used with both impact drivers and screw guns for versatility.

“It is not uncommon to see metal framing crews or glaziers drive up to 400–500 screws a day on commercial jobsites. In high torque situations, bits often break before they wear, which is a regular frustration experienced by many of our users. To solve this problem, we developed the industry’s first clutch accessory that has been engineered specifically to help reduce bit and fastener damage, increasing the life of the bit. This launch is another proof point of DeWalt’s commitment to its end users and of the time and expertise we put into the development of all of our products.”

– Stas’ Kotula, product manager, DeWalt

Additionally, the sleeve on the clutch moves forward and backward to engage or disengage the clutch, allowing users to turn the clutch on or off as needed.

The DWHJHLD Impact Clutch accessory comes with two Impact Ready bit tips, and it will be available at independent distributors in March 2011. The product is expected to retail for approximately $17-$20.

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