DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers Preview Tool Storage Reviews

DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers Preview

It was news last year when Bosch’s L-Boxx Container System took on Festool’s Systainers. Now it seems that DeWalt is getting into the game. As is typical with DeWalt, they are going all-in in an attempt to do it better, tougher and… uh, more tougher. We’d have to say – their new DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers are pretty darn impressive. So last week we saw the hand tools deployed (an obvious advantage of the Stanley merger) and this week they roll out the new Systainer system. The initial deployment of the Tough System 4-1 looks to have 3 systainer models and a matched trolley (the euro-friendly term for hand truck) that is versatile to carry around the systainers or even other items in addition to the DeWalt Tough System. While the products will roll out in the European market first, they are all but certain to hit the US in a short amount of time (or at least that’s the hope – they are pretty cool).


DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers Features

Notable Features: The DeWalt Tough System Systainers can be secured to the trolley with a padlock, so security is one thing the company recognized as a need (and given our experience with stolen tools and jobsite theft, this is no small matter). The second big thing is that the systainers come with a waterproof seal around the lid. That means you can do all that fancy underwater work you’ve dreamed of and not have your tools get wet… or, more likely, you don’t have to worry about dust and rain getting on your tools, buts, blades and accessories.

One of the announcements Bosch made with their L-Boxx system is that their higher end tools (at least) would start shipping in them, enhancing and expanding everyone’s collection and allowing them to become a natural way to manage and carry tools and accessories. The Bosch Systainers can be outfitted with custom insert to hold almost any of the company’s tools. If DeWalt does the same, then these will be a really great solution for professionals and a boon for the use, storage and retrieval of tools on jobsites.

Check out the new DeWalt Tough System 4-1 components, starting with the Small Systainer:

 DeWalt Tough System Small Systainer

We like the apparent ability for the DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers to lock to another unit, and also it’s incredibly rugged look. This thing seems to be built to take a beating and protect its contents. And here is the hand truck packed with all three DeWalt Tough System 4-1 cases:

DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Systainers

Our observation is that the containers connect to the hand truck via a system of horizontal latching posts that affix to the cart and allow it to carry the boxes without relying on the boxes being necessarily interlocked to each other. It’s an interesting solution that allows for the placement of objects onto the lower lift of the hand truck, but we’re not certain how practical (not to mention durable) a system like this will be in daily use. The trolley’s wheels are also very similar to what you find on a push lawn mower as opposed to the more robust air-filled wheels found on US hand trucks. That may change once the product comes to the US, we just don’t know. As is stands now, we’d wonder if this cart could make it through the mud, dirt, and grass found on many of today’s residential construction sites (our guess would be a big resounding “no”).


Excited about the DeWalt Tough System 4-1 Sustainers being added to your tool arsenal? Ambivalent? Let us know!

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