October 20, 2021

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Diablo REDefining Cutting at STAFDA 2017

Diablo REDefining Cutting

Every year, Diablo shows off its latest and greatest blades at STAFDA. For 2017, we were in Austin, Texas for the Diablo REDefining Cutting event prior to the opening of the show floor. As a blade manufacturer, new Diablo blades are a combination of rolling changes to existing products along with new products to fill a need. We saw some of both this year.

How is Diablo REDefining Cutting?

Diablo Sandnet Sanding Discs

While Diablo is clearly most well-known for their blades, the event kicked off with a new sanding disc. Well, sanding net, actually. You’ll notice that it doesn’t look like other sanding discs. It’s somewhat see-through and doesn’t have the holes in it for dust extraction. It’s not made of paper, either. Diablo Sandnet discs use nylon for the construction, making them last up to 10x longer than paper discs. The mesh design allows dust to move through the disc without loading up the grit like paper.

New Diablo Blades from STAFDA 2017

You do need a separate connector for most sanders, but Diablo supplies one with each pack of discs. Currently, the line runs from 80 to 400 grit, but there are plans to expand it as low as 60 grit and up to 600 grit.

Diablo 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Blades

From there, the focus moves to blades. Looking at sales data, Diablo realizes that 6-1/2″ cordless circular saws have a huge place in the industry. So they have a heavy focus on creating a wide range of blades specifically for them. Of course, you have framing and finish blades. But now there’s also an Ultimate Finish Blade, Hardie Blade, ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting, and a Demo Demon with Amped Tracking Point.

New Diablo Blades from STAFDA 2017

Just to prove the point – and because it’s really cool to watch a circular saw cut through a mess – Diablo brought out their demolition cocktail of wood, lag screws, asphalt shingles, and flashing to show how much better it is in tough applications than the competition.

New Diablo Blades from STAFDA 2017

Diablo 100T Finish Blade

When it comes to trim work, you use a finish blade. But some leave you with work to do thanks to a rough finish or burn marks – especially on hardwoods. Diablo’s 12″ 100-tooth finish blade leaves you with a true finish quality. It’s the equivalent of using 200 grit sandpaper without the extra step. Diablo achieves this by making 200 extra grinds without jacking up the cost of the blade.

Diablo Carbide Recip Blades

Diablo boasts a complete line of carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades that range from wood to metal. While we’re familiar with their pruning blade and thick metal cutting, several new categories open up this year.

First up is the general purpose blade. Its tooth configuration will work in both wood and metal along with PVC and more. It’s not a replacement for dedicated wood and metal blades, but for the Pro that cuts a lot of different material throughout the day, it’s nice to have.

New Diablo Blades from STAFDA 2017

Diablo also adds a new medium thickness metal blade to bridge the gap between thick and thin metal cutting. They go with a 10 TPI configuration as opposed to the 8 TPI in thick metal blades and 20 TPI carbide strip found in the thin metal blades. It’s a great blade for electricians facing EMT and other metal pipes from 1/16″ to 1/8″ thickness. For metals that are less than 3/32″ thick, you can move down to the thin metal blade.

New Diablo Blades from STAFDA 2017

While those are the highlights of the Diablo REDefining Cutting event, it’s only a snapshot of everything we got to see. Want to see the entire presentation of new Diablo blades and sanding discs? Check out the video below!



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