June 16, 2021

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Tool Toons: The Dogs and the Hammerhead 4V Screwdriver

Jake hates cats

One day, the Power Pups (remember them from my last story?) were using a Hammerhead 4V screwdriver to do some minor maintenance around their secret base. Holly suggested that Jake use it to finally fix the gaming system that was acting up in the break room. Instead, Jake pocketed it and went snooping around looking for trouble…

Hours later, Jake found it. He discovered a cat base by following a cat guard to a building and then hid behind a rather large rock. When he was sure that the cats were inside the base, he found a back door and unscrewed it quickly using the Hammerhead 4V screwdriver and went inside. He went up a bunch of stairs and found himself looking over the edge of a balcony. Three cats were having a meeting below.

Jake released a small bug, which went flying down the balcony and landed under the large table the cats were sitting around. On the bug, a small red light flashed, and it started to record the cats’ conversation:

Cat 1: “And that rock outside our base?”

Cat 2: “That is our weapon.”

Cat 3: “A rock?!”

Cat 2: “No, you mouse, our weapon is in the rock.”

Cat 1: “But I thought…”

Cat 2: “PUT A MOUSE IN IT!!”

Cat 1: “Okay!”

Cat 2: “The radio will emit a frequency that will disable every electronics device within 50 miles. We strike tonight!

Cat 3: “Yes!”

Cat 1: “Hooray! Down with dogs!”

The bug flew back up the balcony to Jake and played back the conversation. At the part where the cat said “Put a mouse in it!” Jake couldn’t help but giggle. He put the bug back into his pocket and went outside to find this rock.

It wasn’t well hidden, and Jake rapidly started to unscrew fasteners of all sizes with the Hammerhead cordless screwdriver. Fortunately, he brought along his Hammerhead Bit Grip bits. so he could get at all the parts—then he started to build. When he was done, the rock opened up, and he replaced the “weapon” (a radio) with a regular job site radio. Jake destroyed the weapon, which promptly emitted a short, high pitched squeal (but fortunately one that only dogs could hear). Jake covered his ears until the sound was gone.

The cats soon came outside to activate their weapon. To their surprise, the new radio played…the national anthem! The cats screamed, hissed, and ran around in circles until a giant metal cage dropped around them. Jake leaned in against the bars.

“Got a problem?” Jake said.

The cats hissed and tried to scratch him with their claws, but Jake was too fast for them. When Jake came back to the base, all of the power pups looked at him. Jake told them that the new Hammerhead screwdriver worked fine, and it really came in handy for wrecking a cat plan single-pawed…

“Where were you?” Harly said.

“You won’t believe me!” said Jake with a twinkle in his eye.

Holly opened her eyes and said “You found and wrecked another cat base, didn’t you, Jake.”

“How’d you guess?” said Jake.

“I just knew, and well—you know me…”

“Yeah, but I bet you didn’t see this coming!” Jake said, as he threw a water balloon straight at Holly.

Holly started laughing, even as she was soaked by the water balloon…and the story once again ends in happiness for our heroes!


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