June 14, 2021

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Fluke 320 Series True-RMS Clamp Meters

Fluke 320 Series True-rms Clamp Meters

True-rms measurements and optimized ergonomics make the Fluke 320 Series True-RMS Clamp Meters compelling tools for troubleshooting commercial and residential power issues. These might be the newest “toys” for electricians and HVAC/R pros in the hunt for smart, easy-to use tools that are also rugged. The 323, 324 and 325 are designed to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses and contacts. The diminutive size and durability of these clamp meters make them especially suitable for current measurements up to 400 A in tight cable compartments. The Fluke 325 also offers DC current and frequency measurements.

Check out the specs for the new Fluke 320 Series True-RMS Clamp Meters:

AC currentRange400.0 A40.00 A/400.0 A40.00 A/400.0 A
Accuracy2 % ± 5 digits
(45 Hz to 65 Hz)
2.5 % ± 5 digits
(65 Hz to 400 Hz)
1.5 % ± 5 digits
(45 Hz to 400 Hz)
Note: Add 2 % for
position sensitivity
2 % ± 5 digits
(45 Hz to 65 Hz)
2.5 % ± 5 digits
(65 Hz to 400 Hz)
DC currentRange40.00 A/400.0 A
Accuracy2 % ± 5 digits
AC voltageRange600.0 V600.0 V600.0 V
Accuracy1.5 % ± 5 digits1.5 % ± 5 digits1.5 % ± 5 digits
DC voltageRange600.0 V600.0 V600.0 V
Accuracy1.0 % ± 5 digits1.0 % ± 5 digits1.0 % ± 5 digits
ResistanceRange400.0 Ω/ 4000 Ω400.0 Ω/ 4000 Ω400.0 Ω/ 4000 Ω/ 40.00 kΩ
Accuracy1.0 % ± 5 digits1.0 % ± 5 digits1.0 % ± 5 digits
Continuity≤ 70 Ω≤ 30 Ω≤ 30 Ω
Capacitance100.0 μF to 1000 μF100.0 μF to 1000 μF
Frequency5.0 Hz to 500.0 Hz
AC responseTrue-rmsTrue-rmsTrue-rms
Data holdYesYesYes
Contact temperature-10.0 °C to 400.0 °C
(14.0 °F to 752.0 °F)
-10.0 °C to 400.0 °C
(14.0 °F to 752.0 °F)
SizeH x W x D (mm)207 x 75 x 34207 x 75 x 34207 x 75 x 34
Max wire diameter30 mm (600 MCM)30 mm (600 MCM)30 mm (600 MCM)
Weight265 g208 g283 g
Category ratingCAT III 600 V
CAT IV 300 V
CAT IV 300 V
CAT IV 300 V

You can get into most of the features with the 323, however you begin to acquire advantages like an LED backlight and capacitance measurements with the 324 and 325. And of course, the 325 adds frequency measurements as well as a DC current mode.

Measurement capability

  • 400 A ac and dc current measurement
  • 600 V ac and dc voltage measurement
  • True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
  • Resistance measurement up to 40 kΩ with continuity detection
  • Temperature and capacitance measurement
  • Frequency measurement (model 325)


  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Large, easy to read backlight display
  • CAT IV 300V/CAT III 600 V safety rating
  • Hold button
  • Two-year warranty
  • Soft carrying case

Leave it to Fluke to continue to pump out solid products in this area. Durability and True-rms accuracy seem to be the key here and if you’re in the market for a new reliable Clamp meter, this is right up your alley.

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