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David Burdsal

Ford trucks’ hybrid….. Only 14 years! after the 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Hybrid came out.


Mine would be a toe vehicle behind my RV so it would have to be toeable with 4 on the ground. Great gas mileage after 7 miles to the gallon with my RV. Vehicle cost would be the other factor, can buy a lot of gas for the difference in price betyween an F 150 and a Hybrid F150 when you are subliminting the difference in price versus mileage.

André B

I would love to have a fully EV F150 as long as I could keep my towing capacity. I tow a camper trailer throughout the summer, sometimes through the mountains in Colorado. Not losing torque at altitude (3% per 1000 feet) would be great. Wouldn’t mint recharging my batteries at campsites overnight.

Derek Ash

I would like an electric work van. So I could always have my batteries charged and ready to go, plus if you don’t have any power at the job site, you could just plug in to your van. That would be extremely convenient, as I hate lugging around a generator.