May 18, 2021

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Deal Alert: Get a Free EGO Battery with Any Tool Kit

Free EGO Battery deal

We wanted to let our readers know that EGO is running a promotion with The Home Depot that starts today. This will be the first big promotion EGO has had with The Home Depot all season—and it’s a doozie! They’re calling the event Power Up Your Summer, and it runs from 5/19/2016 – 6/1/2016. You can get a free EGO battery with the purchase of any EGO Power+ tool kit.

How the Free EGO Battery with Any Tool Kit Deal Works

Here’s how the Free EGO Battery with Any Tool Kit deal works: You simply buy any EGO Power+ kit (not the bare tools, but the tools or kits which come with a battery and charger), and you will receive a FREE 2.0ah battery. This includes all handheld and mowers. I also attached an image to this email.  . Feel free to share this information with your audience as it’s a great way to get an extra battery to get even more runtime!

Click here to get more info on the deal.

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